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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Found them!! ~Twilight Beauty Products

Well found them!!! Salem Oregon Wal-mart near the airport if you are wondering.

Not really impressed with the flatirons though. Too tiny of a width for my hair.
Might go back and get Bella's curling iron though. Need a new one anyway.
Love the packaging of course, but the price is a bit high for just a purple blow dryer with the words Twilight on it.

Hmmmmm, gonna have to think about these more for sure, but exciting to find them. Exciting to find any Twilight items any more these days. :0)

1 comment:

  1. AHHH!!! JEALOUS!! I've been looking like crazy. I think I will be able to get them tomorrow at the Best Buy. Online it said Available in store so we'll see!! I am getting the hair dryer and two brushes!!! :) Walmart here hasn't gotten them yet. I keep looking!!!