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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Native To Forks

I was messing in my Corner tonight because it's really bustin out at the seams, and I needed to organize it a little bit when I came across these little babies, that I almost forgot all about.

I have to say, even though there not fancy, there probably one of the coolest finds in Forks for me thus far.
Yep, these little ornaments were found at a store called, "Native to Forks," and I just love them.

They are simple, yet detailed enough with all the little reminders we love of Forks and La Push on them. From Bella's truck, the Forks sign to Jacobs dreamcatcher. They are a must have for any Twilighter's Corner! :0)

If you get to Forks someday make sure you check out this cool store and buy one or both of these ornaments. You won't be disappointed. :0)

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