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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twilight Beauty-Sale Ends 10.31.11!

OME!  If you have not purchased your Twilight Immortal perfume already then now is a good time as any to do it.  
I just got word that if you buy a Duo set you can receive 50% off a lip item.  However, offer end on 10.31.11.  Check their web site for more details!  
Source: Twilight Beauty
Worried about liking the scent?  Well I can understand that, I was worried as well.  However, its Twilight related, so I gambled and bought two boxes a few weeks ago.  Let me just say I love it and if I could even begin to describe the wonderful bouquet of this perfume, I would have to say it's like smelling essences of Edward.  OH, YES that good!  lol  Only sweeter if there is such a thing.  *SIGH*

Now if only he was REAL, so we could all find out how he would really smell to each and everyone of us.
Anyway, I love it.  If you buy it let me know how you like it too... =0)

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