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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Twi-Valentines Day Everyone!

Does anyone have big plans?
Other than watching Breaking Dawn part 1, again that is? tee hee  =0)

You know some people hate this day, and feel its just a way for big business to cash in on commercialism in order to guilt us all into buying useless junk for one another just because its called  Valentine's Day., or sweet hearts day. 

Well I disagree.  

I really don't care if people hate this "holiday"... 
Hey wait a second! Holiday!?  Yeah right, I don't get the day off do you?  

Oh, shoot -- focus Lynn, focus... 
Sorry, let me start over... 

No, really I don't care if people feel its a day that mocks you at every turn with its pink and red sparkly balloons thumping you in the face at every check-stand.  Or those strange white 1970 style vans who always have busted headlights, sinister dark window tint, and bashed in doors attempting to disguise themselves as "flower wagons" on every corner.  

Yeah, let me buy flowers there. (Sarcasm)  I don't know about you, but I am not stopping at any "Silence of the Lamb" van in any neighborhood to buy flowers for no one! No sir, no way.  Chicken? Yeah well this chicken is still alive thank you very much.  lol 

Oh, and the sugar.  That damn sugar!  That sweet, sweet wonderful, yummy so good its bad for you sugar.  You have got to love to hate all the stores you walk into these days.  
That syrupy goodness practically pours out, and grabs you with its tentacle like aromas.  *sigh*

As if dieting isn't bad enough without the shelves overflowing with that highly addictive, completely over processed white gold of 50 seconds of happiness.   Which by the way is steadily driving most Americans to an early grave. 

Tee hee, sorry... 
Weeeell I thought I didn't care, but maybe I do... Hmmmmmm.  0.o 

Ok, well then... Anyhooo, what was I saying?  Oh yeah... I really don't mind what others think about Valentine's Day per say.  
However, most think that Valentine's day is just big business that's full of commercialism.  Got that.  Yes, I think I do... lol 

However, for me it still retains its romantic soul.  Besides I think most of us like "SPARKLY" things, flowers to brighten our world and a fun card or gift every now and then no matter what.   
So have a great day everyone!   

And besides, death by chocolate really isn't a bad thing if you think about it...  

Whoop whoop!  CHOCOLATE!
Love the 15th of February more! 
It's a win win situation for us all!  
Have a great Tuesday if nothing else everyone!  =o)

Always keep the SPARKLE alive!

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  1. LOL so true!! Love the chocolate, the flowers, and whatever!