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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Keepin the SPARKLE alive in Forks!

The Twilight Prom Arch is heading to a new home... 



According to Twilight Lexicon the town has purchased the prom arch in order to not only keep fans interested in their tiny town, but they might even use the arch as a prop for Twilight Weddings.  
Yeah, I know very cool!!  =o)
This news is bitter sweet for me.  You see, as much as I love Twilight, and love the 
fact that the arch is finding a better, and safer home the move actually puts, for me, the final nail in the coffin  for The View Point Inn

If you don't remember the TVPI caught fire back in July 2011, and was home for the famous Twilight arch ever since they filmed the movie there. 
 I'm sad only because I was really hoping someone would step up, and save The View Point Inn, in order to keep the SPARKLE alive for this once beautiful, vibrant, and very magical place which over looks the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. 
However, I am very happy knowing the arch will be well cared for, and looked after by the wonderful and very kind people who live and work in Forks, Washington. 

Plus it's very exiting to know the arch might be used for some of the Twilight Weddings that will take place this year in Forks and if that is not exciting enough for you the folks of Forks are also putting together a Twilight museum as well... 
How can this get any better?  

Hey Forks can you get us Robert Pattinson too?  

I just hope the arch or museum or both are up, and ready for us come September 
when we head to Forks to SPARKLE are fangs off during Stephenie Meyer Days!  Whoop Whoop!

If you want your own Twilight Wedding make sure you check out Twilight Weddings in Forks.com for more info on how you can SPARKLE  big time for your big day! 

Oh and Thank you Forks for saving this piece of Twilight history!!!  =o)

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