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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Host Official Teaser Trailer #1 - Stephenie Meyer Movie (2013) HD

Its a good day to be a teaser trailer for sure..  Breaking Dawn Pt 2Cosmopolis
and now The Host... 

However, I am not sure if The Host teaser makes me excited or sad.  Why? Ummm, well you watch, and then let me know what you think...
Well?? What did you think?

Personally, I think this was--- well kind of bad...  I loved the book, and I can't wait for Stephenie Meyer to write the sequels, if she ever does, and I was super excited to see this movie... 
However, if this teaser trailer is any indication of how the movie will be I am not so thrilled at this point... 

So I have to ask... Is this trailer for real or is it a joke?

I'm only asking because I felt like I was watching the beginning of some National Geographic documentary from the 80's.  Not the trailer to a very anticipated movie which was inspired by a wonderful book, created by the sparkly dream queen herself; Stephenie Meyer....  

I mean come on, really?   
I mean, am I the only one scratching my head on this?

Plus its not even out until 3.29.13 which is over a year away, so this seems awfully premature for a teaser doesn't it?  

Umm, well, in my opinion it's not done!  

They just need to stick it back in the oven, keep working on the whole thing, and don't taunt us with squat until they really have something worth teasing us!. 
Blak! :/

1 comment:

  1. Yeah that was not very well done. I am in the first year of video production and I think I could have put together a better trailer!!!