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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Twilight Corner meets Team Kellmett and it ROCKS!!!

It all started when Lyndy Shields won a trip to Forks, Washington when she entered a photo contest that was put on by I Need a Splash of Forks.  It was awesome because Lyndy invited a few friends to join her on this trip, and one of them was Victoria from Team Kellmett.  

You see I have known Victoria through Facebook for over a year now, and was completely thrilled to find out they all were coming up to visit the Pacific Northwest.

So right away my daughter and I offered to show them the Twilight filming locations in Oregon if they ever made it down our way.  
Well they did, and we had a BLAST!

As soon as I found out when Victoria was coming to Oregon I texted another Twilight fan who lives here, and asked her if she would like to hang with us for the day in order to meet Victoria and her friends as well.  We had all NEVER meet before, and I thought it was very exciting, daring, and adventurous for us to be doing this just out of the blue. 

On Sunday March 11th, 2012 we pick up Tami D first in order to surprise Victoria, and her friends.  V had no clue Tami was gonna be with us.  She thought it was just me and Savanna from Our Twilight Corner.  You see Tami use to help admin on The TwiHard Diet page with Victoria at one time, so I thought it only fitting we should all hook up, and finally put real sparkly faces with real sparkly people. 

Here we all are having fun right away with Edward!  lol   
Didn't take us long to feel like old sparkly friends that's for sure, but I think that's the power 
of Twilight don't you?
Tami is on the left, then Savanna, Edward, Victoria and I am the one driving in glasses.  Well I wasn't driving when I took this pic though.. NOOO, that's not safe kids... ha ha 

After a very wet, but sparkly meet and greet at the ladies hotel we all ran over to Carver Cafe for lunch. 
 Steak and Cobbler right?  
No wait I think Victoria had a "Veggie Platter"... lol 
From left to right is Lyndy, who won the I Need A Splash Of Forks trip, Christy, Jennifer and Victoria.

After lunch it was off to the boulders.  We all know this spot right?
Where the Lion fell in love with the lamb.  Only this time is was Jennifer, and 
Christy reenacting that scene.. Ha ha I love it!

Oh look Victoria, Edward and Lyndy all went on a "Field Trip"...=o)
No compost tea for me thanks.. Ha ha

Another wonderful stop on our tour was The View Point Inn.  
Sadly, TVPI where the Twilight Prom scene took place burned down in 7/2011, but it still kind of
stands waiting for someone to buy it, rebuild it, and love it again. Although, the views have not changed and are still very spectacular to say the least.  
Jennifer, Christy, and Lyndy in front of TVPI sign. 

Victoria is in front of the gorgeous view of the Columbia River Gorge from TVPI. 

Savanna and Victoria are sad because the Twilight Prom Arch is no 
longer located at  TVPI.  However, its a bitter sweet moment because the arch has a new 
SPARKLY home in Forks.  We couldn't have asked for a better spot for it either.  =o)  
Thanks Forks! 
We are hoping to see the famous arch again when we head off on our Twilgrimage to Forks this fall for Stephenie Meyer Days 2012!!! =o)   Its a must trip for any Twilighter I feel!

Look we are all acting goofy in front of  the cold, wet, and gray Pacific Northwest landmark 
This spectacular waterfall is a must see for all out of towners.  Heck, I love coming 
here no matter what! It's beautiful rain or shine! 

The Cullen's home!
Enough said!  Love it!  Always a thrill. 

Now I have been on this Twilight tour several times, but have never been to Bella Swan's house in the Twilight hours, kee hee, and let me tell ya its AWESOME! 
Bella's house is very surreal and well, --Twilightish at night!  
I felt like we could have ran into Alice and Emmett at any moment 
while they were both doing another protection duty; to keep Bella safe... =o) 
It's a must see when you come to Oregon as a Twilighter!  No one should ever miss it!

We ended our day having dinner, and toasting each other, and our Twilight friendship in St. Helen's Oregon, aka Port Angeles.  This is where a lot of the filming was done for Twilight anyway, and we felt like it was fitting to end our tour here.  Plus it was very dark out and if you go Twilighting at night on private property you have a tendency to get arrested, and that would have been bad.  lol 
However, words cannot explain how FANTASTIC it was to meet more Twilight fans who live, and breath Twilight the way we do.  I hope Victoria and her friends can come back again some day, and see more of the Pacific Northwest.  It was a joy and a pleasure to show them around.  

You know Stephenie Meyer Days are only 5 months away...
Just sayin... =o)

You can see more photo's from our Twilight Adventure on our Facebook page: Our Twilight Corner.  

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  1. I love it!!!!! Wish I could have been there with you ladies!! The pics are great and looks like a lot of fun as always.