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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A "little" something new for Our Twilight Corner

Arn't these the cutest LITTLE Twilight Saga books ever!!!  
When I saw them I knew I had to add them to Our Twilight Corner!  They look great too!  

My daughter thought they were very cute as well, and has decided to add them to our Twilight Saga book collection.  I told her if you can't read them I don't think it counts, but she said, "OH IT COUNTS! 

I guess I have a lot of copies.. tee hee... But I am NOT counting.. 
I mean how can you have too much Twilight???  NEVER!

Unfortunately, I guess I waited too long to show these off to ya all because I cannot find Debs Dollhouse Minis any more on Ebay...  Sad too cause they are very well made little books. 
However, if you search for them you will find there are other Mini book whispers out there with tiny cute Saga replacus for you to buy. 

I know LOOK!!!
I even bought the White Cover set in Mini as well!!!  
Love, love, LOVE them too.. 
Well whats a collect without the White Covers?  ha ha 
If you want your own set click here to check them out.. 

Remember no matter how large or small your Twilight Collection is 

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