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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day to ME!

Would you look at some of this cool stuff I found today while out shopping for my Florida trip, and of course Mothers day!

Found these babies at a local store in my town called Fred Meyers.. 
Yep, Meyers.. ha ha Love it!
Not sure if you can find them on line, but if you do like it you could try to search and see.. =o)

Everywhere I go I see things that remind me a little bit, ok maybe a lot, of Twilight, 
but I love it and there so useful these items I find!   How can you go wrong when they are useful?  Ok, so that's the line I tell my hubby, but who cares it works.. ha ha 

These file boxes, and magazine holders will come in handy for sure!!! Yay!

These were a great find as well.. 
On the left was a large lunch tote, but I already bought one last week that I love, so I resisted and didn't buy it.  Although, the item on the right are a couple of boxes you can put cards or rubber stamps in for storage.. Found them both at Bi-Mart!

Had to get this for my daughter. Dark Shadows make up kit.. 
How funny is that?

Now I have not seen the movie yet, but I have seen the trailers, so 
I was a bit concerned when I found make up they are promoting, 
but its all in good fun and actually the colors are pretty cool!  
Found this and the next pic of items at Ulta.. 
Love that store!

If you don't know what Ulta is its like a grown up girls Candy store for beauty products.  
If you have not gone to one you need too.. 
Lots of girly stuff.. 

Loved seeing Hunger Games, and Spider Man nail polish for sure.. 
How fun is this?  LOTS!

However, I ended my shopping day with hitting the jack pot!  

Yes, Fifty Shades of Gray is going with me to Florida!  
My TwiBFF Lisa from Twilighters Dream has finished them all, 
and can't stop talking about them, so now I am curious!  tee hee

I am not really sure if this is airplane material, but who cares and I can join the "Mile High Club" in my mind can't I?  ha ha 


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