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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I got Bella's Breaking Dawn Pt2 BOOTS!

Thanks to a "tip" I received from Inside Bella's Closet and going to the web site 
6pm.com I was able to get a  replica of the boots Bella Swan, oh I mean Cullen wears in BD2!  
Super excited to add these to Our Twilight Corner!! 

I never buy shoes on-line because, well it never works out the way a large footed woman would hope, but these are actually really comfy!!
Now mind you, I am not going to be doing any "real" hiking, running or walking for that mater in these babies, but they are NOT going to just live on a shelf that's for sure!  

I do plan on wearing them even if no one knows they are Twilight related or not!  

I will know, they are cute, and that's all that matters!  =o)


  1. So jealous!! That's awesome!! What size did you get?!?

  2. They are way cute too TD!!! I will let you try them on when you get here for SMD!!! ;)