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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twilight Inspired Quilt in the making part 2....

Well as some of you may know I am in the process of making a Twilight inspired quilt.. 

Click HERE to see part 1.  lol 

Weellll, actually my sister is making the quilt for me, but I bought all the materials and I am 
helping her in spirit, Twi-spirit that is.  
Especially, since she is not a fan; I know boo hoo, but she loves me so 
she is willing to give a Twilight quilt a try. 

Anyhoo, I received some of the pieces today that are suppose to complete the quilt, but now I am not so sure if they will work.

What do you think?
Cute right?!!! 
Just so you know the pieces with Bella, Edward and Jacob's face on them are not going 
in to this quilt, but the book covers were suppose to.  

However, I think they might be to light in color to work now.   
Here is an up close shot of one of the fabric pieces and it doesn't seem as black as it did on line. 

Because they are not very black I am not so sure if it will look ok next to the very black fabric I picked out.  And the last thing I want to do is make the quilt look bad. 

See how the black for my quilt is really very, very black and the Breaking Dawn book cover seems to be a little faded looking to me... 
Yeah this is so black you can't even tell its a photo of a piece of fabric... lol 

Here's a photo of the pattern I picked out for my Twi-Quilt.  
It's called Trip Around The World.  
The Twilight Saga book cover pieces are suppose to go near the center with the actual 
center of the quilt being that very very black piece that I showed you above..   
I tried to draw arrows to show you where they are suppose to go.. 
Hope that helps.. tee hee 

Now I am just not so sure, and I don't want to take away from the quilt by making it look bad ya know.  
Ugh, decision, decisions, decisions... 

Anyway, I will keep ya posted... . 

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