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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Cullen's sent me a gift from San Diego!

I received a strange tiny package in the mail the other day that was 
addressed to me from the Cullen's...  

However, in light of some resent financial "issues", and my need to save for my Forks trip, 
I have not indulged in any on-line Twilight shopping, for a while now, so I was kind of baffled over this resent package delivery.

Anywhoo, the address was from some place in San Diego.  However,  if it was 
truly from the Cullen's, well they live in Forks so I thought WTF?  lol 
When I opened the little gift I saw this Ultrasylvania card on top, and really started to
think WTF.  Although, I soon realized that the top card was just hiding the real gold mind below. 

LOOK!!!! I received the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic Con 2012 cards!!! 
Of course I was super excited to see them!  
And of course it would be nice to know who sent them to me, but at this point 
I am going to believe it was "The Cullen's!"  
{When you say, "The Cullen's" say it just like Angela did in the movie Twilight.  
It always has a better ring to it that way.}  lol 

Anyway, they look FANGTASTIC, and will make a great addition to my already very 
large and growing Twilight trading card collect for sure!
I know its hard to see them, but they are in great shape and very cool looking up close!

I guess if I wasn't able to go to Comic Con to see all the Twilight stars for myself, and 
share in all the SPARKLY energy the fans give off then having this little gift show up 
from who knows who was the next best thing!
So THANKS to whomever you are for my thoughtful and wonderful gift!!! 
They are going to look wonderful in Our Twilight Corner!!!  
 My TwiCard collection is almost complete. Just need the BD2 trading cards now! Yay!

Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!!  =o)


  1. where I can find such

  2. Anonymous I know you can find them on Ebay. Happy hunting b/c I love them! Can't wait to get the BD2 set now.. =o)