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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness month

Just a little reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and if you think you can't help with a donation then think again.
First off do you buy soap? Well here is some very cool soap and even a luffa that is not only functional, but part of the purchase of these items go to help fund breast cancer research. See that's easy right? :0)
How about camping? Do you camp or go to the beach? Well check out these babies I found at Dick's Sporting good store. Very cute and if your not a fan of pink then they have one in black too.
I love pink so I'm constantly supporting second base! :0)

Do you ever throw a party? Or just need to wipe your face for any reason at all? Well then check out these cute napkins! :0)
My point is you can help even if it's only here and there and a little at a time because it all adds up. Yay, POWER TO THE PINK!!!! KEEP THE SPARKLE ALIVE!!!! =0)
Oh, and please never forget to keep checking your breast once a month for any strange or unusual lumps and bumps.
Even you guys out there better make sure you are checking yourself because yes, you can get breast cancer too!

Anyway, this is a fantastic video! It will help you remember to do your monthly breast exam.
Thank you www.rethinkbreastcaner.com for making this!!! I love it!!!
Oh and if you go to the website you can download Your Man Reminder to stay on top of your breast health! =0) I did and its AWESOME!!!

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