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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Birth of a Twilight Fan....

Well I would love to be able to tell you my Twilight fascination started simply because I have read all the Twilight books several times, well before the Saga was a staple on everyone’s bookshelf, and I have a deep personal relationship with Stephenie Meyers herself; via the fact I too have sparkly, summer night dreams.  Yeah, --that’s it... Sure, sure... {fingers crossed and eyes rolling} Ha- Ha- sadly, uh -- NO!    
Now mind you and this might be shocking to some, so please read while seated, but I had NO intention of watching the movie or reading the books to begin with.  I KNOW crazy talk!  Blaspheme!  I will burn in Twi-hell for that remark wont I?….  {HA HA}    
Actually, I was tricked into watching the first movie, yes tricked.  Like I said, I had no intentions of watching that "Vampire" movie more or less reading the bloody books that were circling the globe and teenage gossip columns.  I know, I know, that sounds so awful, but I had no idea how glorious these books were (ARE)!!! 
I was naive and kept in Twi-darkness my whole life, or at least the better part of 2005 forward.  In any case, it’s nearly embarrassing to say how my eternal flame for Twilight started, but the one thing I am definably, a 100% positively, sure of and that is I was tricked, suckered, bamboozled and was completely scammed into watching Twilight by, well --by, --by a pack of mischievous teenage girls; sad, but true...
At any rate, here’s my story.  I hope you get a good laugh out of it.....
It was a cold, dark, stormy night, and the wind was blowing hard forcing the rain agents my bedroom window making it incredibly difficult to view the outside world.  His hands gently touched the base of my neck.  His fingers were cold and rigid as he reached up to caress my......  Gotcha!  Noooo, that's not at all how the night went, but it was start-in to sound pretty interesting if you ask me... lol   
So in fact, my Twilight attraction is all my daughters fault.  Yep, I am going to blame her...  You see, it all happened one night after a failed girls only slumber party my daughter hosted which was scandalously interrupted by none other than -- A BOY.  Oh and according to my daughter and her friends not just any boy though, a -- HOT boy... Oh yeah, I pretty much knew this because a mother can tell when "Hot Boy" radar goes off when dealing with a band of wild teenager girls.  One minute I'm talking to a room full of sweet, lovely young ladies who were hanging on my every breath simply because I mention the four most seductive words in the English language:
Cream... and then the next minute they were gone.  Taking all evidence, they were even present to begin with, with them.  Not even a hint of Tommy Girl, Juicy lip gloss or a gum wrapper was left on the counter tops.  They were gone faster than a $2,500 necklace departs from Kamofie and Company after a visit from Lindsay Lohan.  Yes it was that fast.
So there I was standing alone in the kitchen in complete silent with an arm load of blows, and a fist full of spoons with no one in sight; zip, zero, zilch.  They vanished so fast from my side it was as if I had always been talking to myself which I have a tendency to do from time to time.  Nevertheless, the disappearance I understood what was unexplainable, and fairly alarming for the moment was the silence that was now my friend.  You know it's never a good sign when a horde of wild hormonal, lip glossed, usually loud, teenage girls fall silent. 
Maybe something shiny caught their eye, and they had to seek out and ogle over it's existence which, in a teenagers world, is the most logical explanation a mom can come up with.  Unless, the hypnotic silence was induced by the faint sounds of a roaring engine driven by hot boy entering the hood.  I believe subconsciously, I recognized the familiar spellbinding hum of an approaching hot boy because some things never change and are never lost or forgotten; just carefully tucked away from husbands of 20 years.  =0)
Fortunately or unfortunately, my assumptions were confirmed when I poked my head into the living room to investigate the source of the sudden abduction of five teenage girls.  My mouth dropped slightly open as I was a bit shocked to discover my poor couch was being mauled by a gang of giggling girls who were pawing, clawing and scrambling over one another in a desperate attempt to be diplomatic about sneaking a peek out the front window; to view the approaching "HOT BOY". 
What was even more amusing was the fact that they were failing miserably at being discreet about telling each other, "HEEEE'S HERE - HEEE'S HERE - HEEEE JUST PULLLLLED UP.  I CAN'T BELIEVE HE CAME."  Because I am fairly certain by this point, the hot boy in question had already parked his truck, and could clearly see, and hear the girls just as effortlessly through the window as they could him.  Those girls were about as tactful as Snooki from the Jersey Shore trying to drink on the beach.  Yes, that obvious. 
Anyway, as I turned away shaking my head from the circus performance I just witnessed, to face my ransacked kitchen, I heard a hasty voice telling me as the front door slammed shut, "We'll be out front Maaa"!  See, I told you they were fast.  At any rate, now that I was once again alone and the hot boy was the shiny new toy for the moment; I proceeded to clean, straighten and organize the kitchen mess that was left behind by the teenage girlzilla's. 
After an hour or so of scrubbing sticky soda spillage which had some how migrated from cups, to table, to floor, and failing miserably at trying to retrieve the greasy pizza goo which had mysteriously fallen between the refrigerator and stove; I decided it was time to sit down kick my feet up, get on facebook, and watch a little T.V. (You know the couch potato's exercise program.  It's a new craze.)  =)
So I had just settled into my now liberated couch, carefully placing my water bottle to my left, cell phone to my right, and laptop -- well, on my lap in order to indulge in some very rare and unusual me time; when I noticed the girls left the DVD player on, and I couldn't reach the remote.  Yes, I was trying to couch potato it that night in a big way.  Anywhooooo, I'm pretty sure the words I uttered when I looked up and saw what was playing was,           "Awww --hell,  Twilight!" 
The movie had been playing while I was working in the kitchen, but it didn't dawn on me until after I sat down and got comfy, so I just decided to endure it since I was being so freak-in lazy to begin with.  I now know the movie had  been playing for about an hour and seven minuets, yes seven minuets, and I know this because it was at the part where Bella meets Edwards family. (Plus I have watched it that much ever since. {sigh} I know.)  I also remember thinking, "Yeah right",  after Edward jumped out the window with Bella on his back and saying, "what is he a Vampire spider or something?"  Ugh....
However, what really caught my attention and drew me deeper into Twilight was the footage of Bella and Edward standing on those tree tops, talking and overlooking that magnificent view of our very own Columbia River Gorge.  I remember murmuring, "Oh, Fantastic they filmed this movie in Oregon."  You see for me, Oregon is so incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful, and the director did such a wonderful job showing everyone, if only briefly, how gorgeous it is; it wasn't hard for me to fall completely in love with this movie right away.  And even though, the scenery hooked me and kept me watching if you consider where I started the movie you know what scene was coming up next, right?  
Yeah that's right, I had not witnessed the "kissing scene" yet and that was the bait that reeled me in for sure; hook, line and sinker.  I was glued after that!!!
Honestly, it is hard to say now how I felt about Twilight then because I never knew about the books, it was never my intentions to watch the movie, and since I came in and sat down in the middle, I can honestly say had the remote been a little closer to me I would have turned it all off. (Thank goodness for couch potato nights!)  I have to admit, it was that kissing scene that really got me going, and I do remember saying out loud with my eyes very wide, "I gotta watch this movie from the beginning --for sure!"   So I did!  And I loved it!  Still do!!!
Undeniably, the scenery caught my eye, kissing reeled me in, and hearing one of my favorite songs playing( Super Massive Black Hole by MUSE) was all the sparkly drug I needed.  It was epic for me.  Loved it!  Loved it!  And still love it! (Ok yes hot guy was nice to see too, but that's another story. Ok, hot guy was very, VERY nice to see, but still another story..) {ha ha}   Before the movie was over I had my laptop closed, cell phone off and remote found tightly griped in my hand ready to hit play in order to experience the whole beautiful enchanting love story all over again; and again, and again and         --well you get the point ..... =) 
So, immediately after the movie ended I couldn't hit play fast enough in order to watch this amazing love story unfold all over again.  I had to see how this intriguing story started, and needed to see if I could figure this whole thing out.  Whole thing?  You know the whole Vampire, Werewolf, Bella love triangle thing that was still a mystery to me. (Remember, sadly I never knew about the books. Ugh Why??!!) 
So there I was watching the movie all over again loving every minute of it, except I couldn't get past one of the scene.  Yep, you guessed it.  The kissing scene.  I will admit it.....NOW, but for some reason I could not stop watching that one scene.(Well I did stop, but I did watch it at least four or five times that's for sure.)  I would hit rewind, and play, rewind, and play, and rewind, and play just to see Edward want to "try something" with Bella over, and over, and over again before letting the film move on to that great baseball scene. 
I just couldn't get enough. Why was I sooo fascinated by this movie?  I mean what kind of "drug" was in it? lol   I just couldn't figure it out.  I mean I kind of recognized Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from other flicks I had seen, but what was so special about this movie? Why now?  What was so interesting about this movie and why did I find the whole things so fascinating, enchanting and romantic?  I had not clue as to why I loved it, but one thing was for sure I couldn't get enough of it.
The funny thing was, I remember being so enthralled with the movie I pretty much forgotten all about the crazy teenagers out front with the hot boy, and did not realize how late it had gotten.  (Don't worry I am not a totally, wretched mother.)  Even though I was completely spellbound by Twilight that night I could hear the teens in the front yard the whole time laughing, talking and having a good time.  It was summer this is what teenagers do.  Plus I wanted this whole movie to myself and I had no intentions of sharing, being bothered by questions or giving it up to the girl who had brought it with her that night.   I just needed, yes needed, to watch this movie and not be interrupted by anyone.  Sadly, just before I called the girls in for the night my mini vacation was interrupted anyway, when I heard hot boy's truck start up and drive off. 
Nevertheless, I did not bother to stop watching the movie as the girls miserably filed through the front door one by one, up the stairs, and into the living room where they briefly stopped to look at me; before running off down the hallway to text the hot boy who had just left.  However, they all kind of laughed and snickered at the fact that I was still watching Twilight to begin with, and me being the adult and soooooooo much smarter then them decided to popped off with, "I bet you all that Jacob guy is a werewolf."  Talk about NOT thinking before you speak. 
I guess I just assumed these young, naive, bubble gum chewing, teenage girls who are bound to grow up with thumbitis, from over texting, had never really watched Twilight before; and were waiting with baited breath for someone like me to clue them in on all the Twilightisum their minds could handle.  I mean I had this movie all figured out and these silly little girls had no clue how smart I was when it came to figuring out movies.  Hah --hah --hah, boy was I in the dark big time. ;/  Talk about feeling very foolish. 
Apparently, they had seen the movie a billion and one times, and consequently before slowly backing down the hallway away from me towards my daughters room they giggled, and gave me that,"are you seriously from this planet" kind of look.  I know now why I saw the strangest looks on their faces that night from my idiotic out burst, but honestly I really thought I was the one who was "in the know" at that moment. 
However, one very super sweet fantastic girl did stick around briefly in order to respond to my very epic fail observation about Jacob, and that was my daughter.  Although, I am sure she only stuck around because she thought it was totally funny, and strangely amusing as well, that I was still watching Twilight to begin with; since I have in the past made snide comments about the "Vampire" movie and would not watch it with her or anyone else before that night. 
Nevertheless, it was fun to discuss with her the pros and cons of the baseball scene, the music, and  how I was a little hypocritical of the whole vampire, teenage, high school, love story idea because I felt Edward was just trying to keep track of his lunch.  We even had a good chuckle about "the kissing" scene, and I'm fairly certain I turned a bit crimson the whole time I babbled to her about the movie. (I never did confess to her that I replayed the kissing scene over, and over again that's why the movie was still on that night.) 
Anyway, my kid just stood there letting me rattle my mouth off about Twilight, adding her two cents in here and there as I informed her I enjoyed the move, it was great and I just knew they would make a sequel.  I mean how could there not be a sequel?  They ended the movie leading you to believe Jacob was a werewolf. (I know, I feel very silly....But it makes for a great laugh when I reflect on this story --NOW.)
As a result of my Jacob comment just before my supper sweet daughter zipped off to be with her friends she leaned in, hugged me tight, and decided to open up Pandora's box, by finally enlightening me with this statment, "Well, DUH mom, of course Jacob is a werewolf the movie is based on a book!" 
In that instant as her blonde hair whipped by me, and she danced down the hallway towards her friends I tried desperately to gather my thoughts and quickly ask her before she disappeared into her room, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THERE'S A BOOK ABOUT THIS?" 
There was a long pause and a few giggles before her blonde head slowly popped back out of her room into the hallway, and I'm pretty sure I saw her eyes sparkle a bit, as she replied smiling mischievously at me by sayin, "Mom, there's a whole series of books about Twilight."   
I gasped hard to her announcement as my eyes bugged out, and my mouth fell open.  I realized then I had been bitten!
To be continued......... =}

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't be messin with our Corner!

I guess I never gave it much thought about how others view Our Twilight Corner's website and Facebook page, until I got a bizarre request from someone asking to speak to me about my site.  This person was very upset, and highly ticked off to see I had the same type of "title", and fan site as they did for their fan site.  I was a bit taken back as you can imagine.  My first thought was, "REALLY - REALLY - Is this person pokin me?" 
I mean they came at me with all kinds of assumptions, and false accusations.  Ugh, my favorite kind of new friend to meet too.  Yay, ;/....

Honestly the title, and how others would interpret it's meaning was the furthest thing from my mind when this whole Corner thing started, and I never even considered for one second, I would have to explain any of my actions to anyone for its existence.  (Although, I have in a way, and that is another story for sure)  Heck, I truly did not know how or if it would evolve in to anything myself.  It's just for fun people!  Fun! =} 

So for the record, (and I hope I do get this correct):
We, as in myself, my daughter, and a good friend of ours all love The Twilight Saga books, written by Stephenie Meyers.  Along with, the movies which we also love, but who's rights are owned by Summit Entertainment; which do included but not limited to: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and soon to be released Breaking dawn 1 & 2.  (Yes, we even love The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and all that goes along with Stephenie, and Summit in regards to these books and movies.  Actually, I am not a fan of Summit, but I guess I have to give them some credit, right?)  ;)

Therefore, what started out to focus ONLY or MAINLY on Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the whole Twilight Clan, Coven, Werewolf, Vampire, Crazy Fan, SPARKLY hobby has now turned into more of a simile of sorts.  A play on words that interact with or relate to fun moments in time, whether it be past, present or future.  

I am going to attempt to keep this brief here...Haha, I think that went out the window a few paragraphs back, but here I go.....

Our Corner is a representation of all things we love, or we
find peace with: whether it is an object we cherish, a
favorite geographical location we love to spend time at,
or a particular moment in time we have spent with our family and friends. 

Life is too short to have issues, but let's face it, well all do. Lord knows this person did today.  Our Corner, to the three of us, holds memories about sharing a love not only for the "Saga", but sharing a number of gut busting laughs, personal secrets, and one crazy adventure with plans for more of them in the not, so distant future; we hope! =)

I care for our Corner, and the fan items in said Corner because a few items were gifts, I am, of course, a fan of the Twilight Saga, and I think it's funny.  It has become, in a way, very therapeutic for me to enjoy, and share Our Twilight Corner with others from around world.  I am delighted to learn, discover and enjoy having others share their Corners of the world with me as well; Twilight related or NOT!  So you see that crazy little region has become a play on words, a simile, so to speak to mean other things we love and cherish. 

Furthermore, what's amusing is I had to justify our Corner to a person, who literary jumped all up in my Corner, without gathering any facts, and assumed our site was a newborn trying to rustle in on their Twilight action. Ha!   But hey aren't we all on the same team? Hmm, that statement sounds vaguely familiar?  Hah, hah, hah -  Well I guess not! Not on the same team that is.....

Anywhoooo, again lets set the record straight.... The "Saga", the Twilight Saga was Stephenie Meyers baby!  She had the sparkly, fantastic, romantic, wonderful dream not any of us fans, so I am not sure why this person thought my Corner was there's in anyway shape or form, or that I was even remotely trying to copy their Corner to being with; when truly it is us fans who are not only trying to copying Stephenie Meyers Corner of the world, but some of us are trying to move in, and take over for complete and utter Twi-domination...  ;/  lol

Also, our Corner has evolved to represent something other then a book or a movie.  Its deeper, and I don't believe this person, who was all up in my Corner today, will ever understand that kind of "inner peace", for lack of a better word.  The kind of peace which comes from sharing, listening and being kind to others whether you know them or not or can see them or not.

But I'll tell you what... *Breathing heavy, and gettin all worked up like Jacob* 
If anyone attacks our Corner like this again, I will have to go all Cullen on there sparkly butts, and ReVamp their Saga for sure! =)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cell phone mirror photography etiquette... Ha Ha Is there one?

Ok, there are a few things I have discovered a person should do before taking a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror or ANY mirror for that matter:

1. Clean the mirror  - Most cameras or camera phones will focus on the spots and not you.
2. Shut toilet lid, PLEASE! - Not very attractive to see along side or in back of you, and if nothing else make sure you have flushed the toilet; that's just nasty.

3. Make sure no friend or family member is walking by half naked, or sleeping  in the same room while you try to snap the next photo of the century for your portfolio on Match.com.

4. Also make sure all doors, windows, and children are either locked, shut or at the babysitters house.  We don't need to expose EVERYTHING to everyone now do we?

So remember folks: What happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom... =)


(Don't own any pictures found them on the Internet, of course.)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pondering is all....

Once you start taking advantage of people, places, and things, you lose perspective on how precious life really is…