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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Found the Cullen Coven at Jamba Juice!

Have you heard about Jamba Juice's new  Berry Bitten Smoothie yet, and what they are giving away when you buy one? Weeeeeeeeeellllllll....... 
According to my fabulous daughter it's very yummy cause look what she got for me today!!! 
They even have gift cards of Breaking Dawn part 2 as well!!  I am never getting rid of this gift card that's for sure!!!
Super stoked now to go back and collect the rest! Love finding Twi-Treasure! =0)
Anyway,  had to share this very cool TwiFind with you all in case you have a Jamba Juice near you too!! You might need to check them out just in case! 
Plus, I think this special promotion is going on for a while longer, so good luck, have fun and  Happy TwiHunting!!

Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Twi-Fight Saga: Who will you pick??

"As dawn breaks on the concluding chapter of "The Twilight Saga" film franchise, MTV News is asking you to pick the series' No. 1 character in our epic, three-week battle known as The Twi-Fight Saga. 

Who will you pick??
Decisions, decisions decisions!

"Here's how it will work: Voting begins on October 22 at twilight.mtv.com. The single-elimination tournament will proceed from round to round, with characters knocked off as we go, until only two are left to duke it out in one final face-off. The pair of finalists will be announced November 8, with the ultimate Twi-Fight champion crowned November 12."
The full Twi-Fight Saga schedule is as follows:
  • » Round 1: Monday, October 22, through Thursday, October 25
  • » Round 2: Thursday, October 25, through Monday, October 29
  • » Sweet 16: Monday, October 29, through Thursday, November 1
  • » Elite Eight: Thursday, November 1, through Monday, November 5
  • » Final Four: Monday, November 5, through Thursday, November 8

» Championship Round: 
  • Top two announced Thursday, November 8, with voting concluding Monday, November 12

So fill your belly with mushroom ravioli, get those voting fingers ready and be sure to follow along on Twitter using the hash-tag #TwiFight. Sixty-four characters will enter but only one will emerge the Twi-Fight Saga champion — and it's all up to you!"

Source: MTV

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Found my Copy of The Twilight Saga: Complete Film Archive

Even though I haven't opened it yet.
Why not open it? 
 Weeeelllll there's way too many spoilers in it, so I just can't open do it yet. Must wait until after BD2 comes out.
I love the fact that its a hardcover book though. That defiantly makes it a life long keeper when it comes to a Twi treasure. :0) Super excited to see what's inside it though.
Anyhoo, only 29 days to go, so it won't be long now!! 
 IF I decide to open it!

Oh and if you want to order your copy now. Then click here!  =o) 

Hey, I'm just Keepin the SPARKLE alive is all!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Barrel Cacti in Our Twilight Corner!

Look what I have added to OTC!  

I know summer is almost over in the Pacific Northwest, ok its over, but they were just too cute to pass up.
I had to have them!
You do know why R I G H T?  ;)
Actually, I got one from a customer of mine who knows I love Twilight, and the other two I had to buy as soon as I saw them cause they're cute!  

Plus, cacti are probably the only things I WONT kill off these days.  Since I seem to have a hard time keeping any house plants alive any more.. UGH!  Thank goodness the kids are still breathing, and don't require much attention; or plant food for that matter... LOL 
I do have to say though, I need to watch myself around them cause they may not give me "paper cuts" per say, but they still have a bit of a "bite" to them, and can still make you bleed just as bad... 
 Jasper noooooo, --Hah hah hah...   {Wink wink}  =o)

Anyhoo, they may not be soft, supple or that attractive, but they reminded me of Twilight which is very beautiful so they're PERFECT!  And that's the most important thing right?  

ALWAYS important to keep the SPARKLE alive!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twilight Treasures from Comic Con 2012

I couldn't make it to Comic Con this year, so Ebay is helping to bring Comic Con to me!   These pins are just too cute.  They will look good in OTC.  Plus, I didn't even pay that much for them which is a nice bounce when it comes to purchasing Twilight treasures. And I seem to do that more often then I should too! lol 
Anyhoo, if you get a chance to pick these up I would.  They are very charming, and will make a great addition to any Twilight Corner! =o) 

Just keeping the SPARKLE alive! 

The Merchant of Venice... By William Shakespeare.

Look what I picked up at a Thrift Store the other day!!!  
Its going to look GREAT in OTC
Please tell me you know why I have this book?

Remember these stills from the Target sneak peek of BD2 back in what, February of 2012?

Remember the note Bella finds from Alice which leads her to the name J. Jenks in a book at the Cullen home?  
Are bells and whistles going off in your head finally? 
Anyhoo, now you know why I bought The Merchant of Venice book right?

Yep, I had to add it to my Twilight collection.  Of course mine isn't autographed by Alice with her instructions, or anything in it, but it's still cool to own.  

Oh, and I do plan on reading it... someday! 
Look Bella's holding my book!!!  Yay!  ;)
"Some may call us Twilighter's neurotic, obsessive and disturbed, for the items we accumulate and the things we do, but all I am is very dedicated to passionately collecting Twilight treasures!" ~Oregon Lynn 

Never let the SPARKLE die!!!  ;)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

EPIC FAIL SUMMIT! You spelled Emmett's name wrong on the BD2 trading cards!

I was so excited to get my Breaking Dawn Pt 2 trading cards today that I didn't even notice they spelled Emmett's name WRONG!!!  This error was pointed out to me by a Twitter fan, Trivial_Matters, who asked me, "seriously?!Do they just not care now?"   

I have to agree with her BIG TIME!! I mean you got it right on the other cards I have such as BD1 & BD2 Comic Con.

What were you thinking Summit Entertainment
You have ONLY produced five Twilight Saga movies, distributed billions in Twilight merchandise, and according to Stephenie Meyers, and the rest of the Twilight fans of the world it's spelled, E M M E T T!

These kinds of mistakes are just heart breaking because it makes me feel like it is just all about the $$$$ when it comes to producing great books into movies.  
Where has the art of it gone? 
Why can't anyone pay attention to details any more?  
Especially, when it comes to something like this going out to millions of fans! 

EPIC FAIL SUMMIT is all I can say!!! :/

It's theses kinds of mistakes that make it even more important for us fans to always remember to keep the SPARKLE alive!!! =o) 

Comic Con 2011 Trading Cards

Well I did it! 
I opened my Breaking Dawn Pt1 trading cards that I bought on Ebay a year ago.   I couldn't help it I wanted to add them to the rest of my Twilight Saga card collection album! (Sorry for the stinky photo's, but I was excited and in a hurry to post... lol )
I may love them,but I am still a little ticked off at Summit Entertainment for NOT making an official BD1 trading card set to begin with! 
Not sure what they were thinking except that they weren't thinking when some big billionaire making dork came up with that "bright idea", if you know what I mean! 
Epic Fail Summit! :/
Anyway, happy hunting for your set and remember....

Unpredictable Pacific Northwest Weather is BACK!

This is a great composite shot of down town Portland, Oregon from Thursday to Friday   Really shows how our days change from sunny to gray in a matter of hours.  
I love it though and wouldn't have it any other way! 
Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!

Source 1

Friday, October 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn Pt2 Trading Cards!

I got my FULL deck of BD2 trading cards tonight!!!
They are very cool, and can't wait to put them with the rest of my Twi collection!
I'll post more photos of them on Our Twilight Corner Facebook page!!! Yay!!! :0)
$40 bucks on EBay!! Very good deal considering what I have paid for some trading cards.
 Christmas at the Cullen's I bet is AWESOME if you are a fast growing child like Renesmee!  Man what I wouldn't give to be part of that family; if they were really real that is! =o)
Ha ha , I love the look on Stefan's face in this pic. What was Summit thinking when they said, "Yes, this is a good one. Send it to print."  Ugh, what do they think we are that obtuse? Oh well, I still love the cards! 
Awwww, love Alice and Jasper!!
I love the fake passports for Jacob and Renesmee as well.. Very cute last names ya know.. lol 
Now my Twilight Saga trading Card collection is complete, so to speak.  I just wish they had made BD1 trading cards as well.  All I have to show for them are the Comic Con 2011 cards, but I guess though are better than nothing. 
to go now until BD2 comes out!! 
I love how the trading cards form a "poster" on one side. That has always been a very cool feature about these cards I really enjoy.  
I have never really been a big trading card fan until now.  I have a few very old Star Wars cards when I was a kid, but never did get a complete set. Not really sure why though... 
However, now I have a complete set of not only  BD1, well the Comic Con ones, and BD2, but I also have Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse!  Yay!  I got them all on Ebay just so you know.. I did NOT pay an arm and a leg for them all it really wasn't that bad... Just a leg... ha ha =o) 
Anyway, happy hunting and remember always keep the SPARKLE alive!! :0)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Very Cool Vampire Diaries Find!

Soooooo, I'm kind of a sucker for The Vampire Diaries as well as Twilight, 
and did a little EBay shopping the other day.....(Shocker there! NOT..)

Anyhoooo, I LOVE ELENA'S NECKLACE! And it came just in time too!  
Cause tonight is the season premiere of TVD's, and I am super excited to 
find out if Elena turns into a Vampire or not!  Aren't you?!! 

So the necklace is very vintage looking even though its not.  However, that does not 
change my mind about it at all. I really like it and how it looks on too! Although, I 
was not very impressed with the chain it came with, so I did change that out, 
but other than that I LOVE it! 
What's really cool though is there's even a spot for vervain.. I know right!  lol 
However, I wont be using it! I wouldn't want to ward off Vampires, ever!... Ha ha Hecka NO!  
Damon could bit me any day! 
(Sorry Edward, but if you wont do it I will just have to find another HOT Vamp who will!)  Hah hah hah
Kidding! My heart still belongs to Edward, but a girls gotta keep dreaming right?! 

Anyway, if you love TVD's too then you might love this necklace as well!  =o)

Remember: Keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Breaking Dawn part 2 Calenders

Finally found the BD2 calendars today!! Yay!!
Got one at F.Y.E, and the other one at Wal-mart. Plus another item as well. ;)
I love the Vampire perfume!!

This is NOT a photo of an obsessed fan. I'm just very dedicated! Yes, I need two calenders. Doesn't everyone?

Happy TwiHunting!! :0). 40 days to go!!