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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Twilight Style Wedding in Forks, Washington

Every September my TwiBFF's and I travel to Forks, Washington for our annual girls getaway weekend. A pilgrimage so to speak or a Twilgrimage as we like to call it.   If you have never gone you need to go! Anytime and any month is great!

We go in order to relax, see friends and celebrate Stephenie Meyer Days with a few hundred other TwiFans as well.. I am not ashamed of this fact at all.. I love my TwiSisters and we all have a wonderful time. 

In fact one year we got to meet the Queen of Sparkle herself and it was a ACA-AMAZING! 
Great lady! We even got to roast marshmallows with her on La Push beach.. #TrueStory 
We ALWAYS have a blast!  
And I am sure if you ask Twiligihters DreamSparklylicious Cosplay and Pure Twilight as well, my TwiBFF's, they would also say there is NEVER a dull moment.. ;)

Well this last SMD a few of us TwiFans had the honor of bearing witness to a couple who were in the right spot at the right time when they decided to renewal their wedding vows to each other, and I just happened to be one of those lucky Twi-witnesses. 

I love photography, and I am usually packin, so I had to snap a few pic's of this amazingly and aromatic event.
Awwwwwwww, they are just too cute! <3
 The couple renewed their wedding vows on the property of The Cabins At Beaver Creek, (check them out they are GREAT! Love you both Big John and Michelle!)  

 Annnd that very same night on the very same property there was going to be a Twilight celebration as well. With costumers and everything!  
Soooo what couple in love wouldn't want a few member's of a Twilight coven in their renewal wedding, right?!?.. I know I would! 

Not sure how it all REALLY came about, but I also don't care.. I had fun and I know a few more TwiPeeps who did so as well!  
Yes we had a DJ and sparkly lights too!  lol

However seeing these two love birds renewal their commitment, faith and love to each other was such a wonderful experience no words could express how I felt being a part of it all.. 

So I did what any SPARKLY, amazingly wonderful and kindhearted Twilighter would do.. 
I made them a wedding video!

 Hope you all enjoy it too.. 
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Smiles increase your face value...


Do you get offended, just for a second, when you walk by a person/stranger smiling, and they do not smile back?

How rude right?!?

Noooooo don't think that way!! 
I think its second nature for us to react that way. Upset that you just gave someone a smile and they looked at you like you were a walking Zombie freak with two heads, but here's a suggestion. 

Shake it off, don't think negatively, move on to the next person, and say to yourself, 
"Challenge accepted!"
Ohhhh better yet try this! 

What if you smiled at every person you walked by for a month? Even make eye contact and say hi to them as you smile on by?!!

The person you are directing your smiley good intentions to may not perceive it well, but I bet it will make YOU feel pretty darn sparkly, good!  

Sooooo try it! Give away smiles today, all week and even all month.  
Because yes either way you win!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Multnomah Falls, Oregon - Aerial WOW!!


Whether you have been to Multnomah Falls, Oregon or not this is a MUST see! This is an aerial view of Multnomah Falls, Oregon in January. M-Falls is located in the Columbia River Gorge this two tier waterfall totals 620 feet with its first and longest drop at 542 feet. 
I have hiked the trail to the top of the falls several times, but this is truly a breath taking video!

Click on the link right below the arrow to see this AMAZING footage! 

I will never tire of watching this!! 
Thanks Subilife

This make me very
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Love ya and stay HAPPEE! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do you Group?

Do you LOOOOVE Social Networking?

Do you LOOOOVE joining a group that gives you a sense of belonging and community? 
Well sure, who doesn't!?

Buuuuut sometimes it's soo hard to manage all those groups, and interact with them all in a way that makes you HAPPEE! Trust me I know... Boy howdy do I know.
I love joining in and having a scene of belonging. It's what we all do. We all love to belong, and feel like we are a part of something, something cool, and amazing..  However, spreading yourself too thin can also make you feel overwhelmed, out of control, and too scattered.

I like to say it makes me very unfocus-ly, unproductive.

Well then, do I have an awesome app suggestion for you!! (My TwiBFF, Lisa over at
  Twilighters Dream, told me about it and I just had to share.) She is the best-est!

Anywhoo, its called Groups by fb.
Check it out. I know it made me very HAPPEE, and I bet it will help you stay organized and very HAPPEE too. 

Oh and if you don't mind be a doll love, and after you down load this amazing app which will help keep all your wonderful fb group pages organized, and in one nice, tight cute little spot...  

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So what makes your Inner Sparkler burn? What makes you HAPPEE? This little app did it for me. What about you?

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Join Team Inner Sparkler!

Have you heard there is an AWESOME new facebook page called
Find Your Sparkle.. AKA:Team Inner Sparkler?
NO, you haven't heard of it?!

Oh my gosh you have to come check it out!

I'd love to see you there!
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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is your sparkle meter running on empty?

I don't know about you, but I love to dance!! 

Dancing makes me very HAPPEE! 
Especially, when I am feeling a little blue. Dancing even just a little bit, really brightens my day.

And in MY OWN mind, I am as graceful as Josephine Baker, and I have moves as smooth as Channing, HOTTIE, Tatum!!!

HOWEVER, in relativity this is NOT the case.  

Sadly I was NOT blessed with grace, and amazing dance moves to RULE the world with.. Hard to believe I know!  Hey, I have had to live with this fact my whole life. *tear tear* 

Although, hours of therapy have helped. I still hate myself EVERY day for it...  Bawhahaha KIDDING!! No really kidding!! Geeeez :P
Okay my point simply is this... 
My lack of great moves, and grace have never stopped me from bustin out a move whenever and where ever I have I felt like it, and it should NEVER stop you either. Especially, when an AMAZING-BALL song comes one!  
The funny part is, I am usually alone when the Sparkly, feeling hits me. This is NOT a bad thing because then I can finally have control over the radio/Ipod. Which getting control over any remote, is a luxury in its self. This is a fact, I am sure we can all relate too... 

Anyhooo, to simply sum up my point. If you too need to increase your Inner Sparkler.... 

Yup, it's that simple, and really what would it hurt to just try it some time.
Come on you know you wanna! 

Soooo, what makes you Happy??

Please tell me in the comments section below of my blog. I really do want to know.. 

Because YOU ROCK!!

Oh by the way.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Will you ACCEPT the challenge?

It's assignment time!! 
YUUP you didn't think this was just a lounge did you?!?
Nope I want it to be soooo much more than that!
Don't worry this will be easy, I hope... 
Here is one way I find helpful for me to release my "Inner Sparkler" which makes me and many others feel FANTASTIC! 
Give a compliment. 
Yes that is all. 
Give just one person a compliment and if that doesn't make you feel super SPARKLY good then I'll give you your money back! Not really but you get my point right!! 
However make sure you give someone a complement today!

Also, if you think you live in a hole and you're saying to me right now, "Oh but Miss Oregon Lynn I never leave my house how can I possibly do this?!?" 
Well don't give me that BS because you can compliment someone on Fb, IG, over the phone even your kids, significant other or the mailman! 
I don't care how you do it or who you give one to, but give away a compliment today!

For example, I try to set a mood at my work by saying," Morning" to each person I see and will compliment them on what I like when I really look at them.  such as the blouse they are wearing, their cute shoes or how their hair looks that day. 
Always find something nice to say to another human because you never know when they may need a few kind words! And come on we all love a nice, kind compliment even when we think we look horrible! 

So I don't care how you do it but really look at them and tell them something that will spark that "Inner sparkler" in them!
Oh and you know why you need to do this?!? Because it will make YOU feel good too! 
LOOKIE there it's a win-win situation!

I guarantee you WILL make that persons day! You'll feel SPARKLY good and I bet you'll want to try to give away more then one a day too! 

Anywhoooo, this is your assignment! Good luck! 
I know you can do it! 
Think positive! 
Be positive and remember YOU ALL ROCK!! 

Oh and make sure you report back later today and leave a comment in my comment section about how you did... I really, really want to know how you all did!!  

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Thanks and remember YOU ROCK!! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

UN-Sparkly People SUCK!!!

I have been down and out.
I have been  depressed and unhappy. 
I have been soul searching and spirit recharging.
I have been very, VERY UNsparkly and you know what?!


Here is the thing, Sparkly Peeps, I let "SOME" people/one steal my sparkle over the last few weeks, and I'm finally saying enough is enough!

Its hard though when someone you THOUGHT was your friend turns out to be a BIG fat hypocrite!   Now the good and or bad thing about this person is he is NOT a family member, NOT a spouse or boyfriend, YES he is male, and he is NOT someone I feel I need in my "InnerSparkle" of friends. 
Unfortunately, this was not an easy choice because I do not like UNfriending people at all.. I LOVE people and I believe we ALL have good in us, but this person decided to play Judge and Jury on me before ASKING me the facts. 

Soooo enough is enough!  I've sprinkled myself with an extra dose of sparkly spray, lace up my sequenced walking shoes, and turn my shine right back on.. 
And you know why? 
Because we should NEVER let anyone dull our SPARKLE!!
It really gives a mean, evil, frozen heart person way more power over us then they should EVER have!  Come on you have heard this before. Well its TRUE!! 
To me handing someone power over you is like Superman handing Lex Luthor or Luther, whatever, a huge rock of Kryptonite! 
UGH what was I thinking!?!  I wasn't! 
So no more! 

So look out world because the #OfficialSparkleSprinkler is back, yes I am, and I am never, ever letting this happen again! Oh and yes we should never say NEVER, but I am just NOT gonna let ONE selfish, insecure person, DICK-tate my feelings for me again!

Time to change my ways, WANNA join me?!  

I am officially going to surround myself with like minded, SPARKLY people, and I WANT you to be part of my InnerSparkly Team! 

If you are someone who loves to be SPARKLY, happy and who truly loves having fun, sharing smiles, and enjoying life not matter what comes at ya.  Then I want you to join my team!  

Lets all inspire others to do great things, to have uplifting and positive attitudes towards life and the world around us.  So follow me and we can Keep the Sparkle Alive together! 

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