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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Smiles increase your face value...


Do you get offended, just for a second, when you walk by a person/stranger smiling, and they do not smile back?

How rude right?!?

Noooooo don't think that way!! 
I think its second nature for us to react that way. Upset that you just gave someone a smile and they looked at you like you were a walking Zombie freak with two heads, but here's a suggestion. 

Shake it off, don't think negatively, move on to the next person, and say to yourself, 
"Challenge accepted!"
Ohhhh better yet try this! 

What if you smiled at every person you walked by for a month? Even make eye contact and say hi to them as you smile on by?!!

The person you are directing your smiley good intentions to may not perceive it well, but I bet it will make YOU feel pretty darn sparkly, good!  

Sooooo try it! Give away smiles today, all week and even all month.  
Because yes either way you win!

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