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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love Making Tips For Seniors

These were too cute not to share!!

1. Wear your glasses to make sure your partner is actually in the bed.

2. Set timer for 3 minutes, in case you doze off in the middle.

3. Set the mood with lighting. (Turn them ALL OFF!)

4. Make sure you put 911 on your speed dial before you begin.

8. Make all the noise you want...... The neighbors are deaf too.

9. If it works, call everyone you know with the good news!!

10. Don't even think about trying it twice.

Ha ha, Oh my!  When all else fails just go for it cause life is too short to worry about indecent exposure, Bengay, and the police.!!!! Cause when the Viagra kicks in there is always a time and a place!

Your sweetie says, 'Let's go upstairs and make love,' and you answer, 'Pick
one; I can't do both!'

Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you're barefoot.

Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.

You don't care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don't have to go

You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police .

'Getting a little action' means you don't need to take any fiber today.

'Getting lucky' means you find your car in the parking lot.

An 'all nighter' means not getting up to use the bathroom.


You are not sure if these are facts or jokes?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From a$$holes to practicing integrity and kindness; Can your kid do it?

I had the privilege today of reading a great blog about a mom and her adventures with kids at a playground... Or to be more precise, her adventures with a$$hole kids at a playground.  Ha ha ....Its a must read.

I would love to say more, but she said enough and I am just delighted that I am not alone when it comes to the "issues" we seem to have with kids these days and THEIR parents.
Like I commented to her, kids learn by example and its unfortunate that we have so many ill-behaved and a$$holes walking the earth these days.  

Although, maybe we don't have more a$$holes, maybe they have always been there lurking, but have defiantly, and finally decided to come out of the closet for lack of a better term.  Nonetheless, I would like to go on record by stating, "GO BACK IN AND STAY THERE!!!"
Please read Michelle's post... You might find it interesting or offending, but either way its good!
So its nice to find web sites like this one when there are so many a$$holes slithering the earth. Where one woman is trying to help educate kids about social standards. 

It would be wonderful if more parents would look into educating their children on the art of practicing integrity, kindness, and compassion in order to cultivate the understanding that using good manners can be the key to better playground etiquette.

Children need to learn that a firm handshake, saying please and looking someone between the eyes while speaking to them are all good upstanding qualities, which may get them further in life then pushing, shoving and talking down to others. 
I know I am asking for the world here aren't' I?  Hey, a girl can have a dream can't she?  =)

Unfortunately, there is one huge, gigantic, and enormous catch to all of this working; manner classes that is.  
Like I mentioned above; kids learn by example, so with that said we need the a$$hole parents to show up for these classes first; learn it, breath it, and live it, in order for any of us to even begin to hope that the offspring of the a$$holes will eventually set foot into a business like Sandi's. 

I highly commend this women for the task she is trying to accomplish.  I sincerely hope her business thrives, busting out at the seems from all the kids walking through her doorway, and I wish her the very best of luck! Because some of us truly know the world needs all the kindness it can find out of everyone and anyone these days!

 One of my favorite books ever!  Well next to the Twilight Saga that is... ha ha  ;0)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Seven Deadly Social Sins

Politics without principle
Wealth without work
Commerce without morality
Pleasure without conscience
Education without character
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Rebuttal to your Yaaaawwwn

So you will need to read my girls friends post on her blog, the link above, to understand my statement (s) below.  I loved her post and I believe it is very much so food for thought.

Years a go I lowered my expectations, just a bit, of our human standards in order to "handle" people better, and yet our race keeps sinking lower and lower.  When will it be too low? Where is the bottom?  When do we say enough, is enough?
I believe what we falsely let others hide behind the labels we give them or the labels they have earned but abuse:  Doctor, Teacher, COACH, Christian, Police Officer just to name a few of those labels.  Just because someone calls themselves these things doesn't mean they are any more well mannered or educated then the next person.  Not to say we think housekeeper is high or low that is... I am just throwing out my thoughts people, so don't read this personally, think globally.  ;)
Nontheless, we all have been raised to believe that if you are lost, in trouble, or need help you can trust a Police Officer or go to your Coach for help. I mean who would think a housekeeper would ask such a thing?  I thought their profession is trained to come quietly, clean up and leave in the same manner as they arrived? 
Unfortunately, with poor nutrition or lack of proper breeding, who knows what the case or issues may be, it seems like we have had a large infiltration from the scum of the earth getting into these prominent positions; going stealth you could say, and brainwashing all of us into accepting it's ok to sleep on the couch in the lobby of a business, or assume entitlement no matter what the situation may be. 
Even worst these crusty creatures will pass themselves off as coaches or public servants who then turn into drug dealers, child molesters and end up doing more harm then good to us and our friends/families. 
Lower our expectations?  "NO!"   My expectations will remain high or, I should say, I will keep high HOPES that no matter what label we place on others or ourselves we will keep a healthy altitude of what should be good and not corrupt.  
What I will change though is how I trust the person telling me to trust them.  What will change is how I interact with the stupid out there.  What will change is when I get poor customer service from anyone whether you are at work, home, or out wondering in life; I will address this inappropriateness with careful tact, and try to help correct it by not accepting this standard of behavior as a "NORM".   Kill'em, (correct them) with kindness, and in return NOT pay the horrid deeds forward to others. 
We all learn by example no matter what our age.  We all have the ability to stop the madness, and I work very hard every day to do just that, not only with myself but in how I raise my children; however the damage is done. 
For me the words Doctor, Teacher, Coach, Christian, and Police Officer can give me the same heavy, shallow pit, ickiness in my stomach feeling that the words, Politician, Lawyer, Criminal, Democrat, and Republican can give me as well. Its very heartbreaking, and down right dismay because I know there are still good people out there, but they are few and far between. 
It saddens me to speculate how long it will take us, as a whole, to get our society out of this mess we have allowed? 
Is asking to sleep on a businesses couch ok?  No, and I don't care who you are we all need to start cleaning it a up bit, communicating clearer and raising our levels of acceptance , in order to prevent the couch sleepers of today from ruling our world tomorrow.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lisa's Twilight Party

Check out this very cool party my friend Lisa through last year on 8.28.10.  You could almost say it was like Vamps gone wild.  She covered it all; from the appetizing, yummy looking Bella bites to the her wonderful choice in wines.  It all looks like one heck of a crazy night!

Now if only she would come to Oregon and show us a "SPARKLY" good time too!  =}     Enjoy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

*TWILIGHT* A Music Montage with a Twilight KICK!

I just couldn't help myself with this one.... Had to show a friend of mine the music I like.  Of course this is not all of the music I like, but it's a start... lol  =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it truly wrong to judge?

I personally make an effort NOT judge anyone, HOWEVER, after speaking to the usual suspects of friends and family one speaks with when you're taking a personal survey about the strange, interesting, weird, bazaar, frustrating, irritating and unreasonable things people attempt, represent or declare in this world; I am now a firm believer that the human race makes us judge each other whether we mean to or not.   How can you not with all the asinine, and that’s putting it nicely, and unusual things people do these days.  Oh and don't sit there reading this and say, "Oh, I don't judge!”  Yes you do.  We all do. 
Although, hear me out, judging is not necessarily a bad reaction or emotion as you might be thinking it is.  Even though, 9 times out of 10, it's precisely the type of judging your thinking right now, but please let me explain.  Don’t judge, judge, just because it has a stigmatism attached to it…  I am or will take this level of thinking to a tranquil, lighter side of thinking in order to be kinder to the word judge.  Yes, let’s call this “Word Kindness”.  Cause there are a lot of words out there that we humans give bad wraps to. (Subject matter for another blog later I am sure.)
Anyway, judging can be a good thing as well; an intense emotion that can bring out the good, and yes not so good, in all of us.  Look at it this way.  If we don't judge how can we have winners?  If we were truly equals then how can you learn from others?  If we don't judge how can we grow as individuals?  (This observation I have is with the objective that as a human being you are willing to learn and grow from others.  Unfortunately, not all of us are willing to do this, nor do some of us have any form of cognitive thinking skills TO be able to do this level of reasoning to begin with.)  *SIGH* Sad, but true I believe.
Nonetheless, judging a person, place or thing can be a way to self reflect and observe the good in others; to see, feel and hear new experiences in ways we never thought possible if we allow our minds to take us there.  If I or we didn't "view" things differently from one another, if that's a more pleasant way to state the word judge, then how can we learn to appreciate our differences to begin with? Our differences are what define us as individuals isn't it? 
Different perspectives, judging, of things or people such as art, sports, music, hobbies, and life styles all together is a way of appreciating diversity in a world; that is by far so diverse, so unusual, so crazy it makes us play judge, jury and EXECUTIONER every time we turn on the news, open the internet, read the paper or just walk down the street.  Gosh knows, I WOULD like to play the executioner more than see people for the "diversity" they bring.  However, as I stated at the beginning, I make a personal effort to NOT judge people. Nonetheless, it is my private struggle to not "react" harshly when, so many of us out there make it sooooooo dare easy to take the wrong path of judging another human being.   
I secretly try to stay confident though, without going into more details, that more of us would or could make a conscience effort to make it impossible for most of us to NOT judge each other; in that awful, shocking, terrible way that we all perceive the word judge to begin with.  (I know mouth full)....However, see picture below: some of you make it so effortless it's really not even funny any more. ;/
There for, is judging others something we all shouldn't do?  Wouldn't do?  Don't do?  Or is it something we ALL do?    I guess only you can be the judge of that?       =)  Hah, Hah, Hah….

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Fantastic Corner of my World!

This song can make everything look good. I just love it!  This was a beautiful day, an unbelievable day trip with a fantastic family!  I cannot put into words what I saw and felt while walking the beach and enjoying the golden sunset with my family.  It was almost as if we were the only ones there that day. La Push aka Indian Beach Oregon.

The beach is defiantly one place I could live forever at and never return to the concrete fortress of city life.  For me it is a place where the sounds of the ocean have an uncanny ability to drown out the rest of the world, whether it is sunny or stormy, one can easily slip in between the grains of the sand never to be found again.

Look how the goldenest of the sun on the sand just makes you "walk into the light".  Ha ha  *sigh* I love it!

For Oregon you just don't get to see these kinds of sunsets. I was actually speechless. Yes! Can you believe it? I know I couldn't.... tee hee   =)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do What Makes You Happy - by Kitsune =)

This is a paper my daughter wrote and I just thought it was prefect for the corner. Enjoy!
For years I was told I had to be a doctor, forget about art, or dream more "realistic" dreams. I was never told to do what makes me happy. However, what people like my parents wanted was what I needed to do to make them happy, not myself. I finally said, "Stop!"  because I deserve to find happiness through whatever I plan to do with my life, and no one else will tell me different.
            “Doctors make more money, doctors get this, doctors get that.” I have heard this over and over throughout the years. Unfortunately for them, I want to be an art teacher. My parents tell me that teaching art will not get me far in life, regarding pecuniary matters. I know teachers do not get paid much, yet on the other hand, they do get paid more than a gas station attendant. Teachers receive their true satisfaction from the accomplishments of their students. If I am able to find a job that offers me that kind of pay, work will not be work. Work will be an enjoyable experience to look forward to in the morning when I hear my alarm go off, instead of mumbling complaints as I get ready for work, similar to what most mainstream employees do each morning.
            To me, art will always express the unknown feelings in my heart to the world through all kinds of mediums, from the performing arts of dance to more visual, creative arts such as calligraphy. Pursuing any kind of art can give a person the exciting feeling of the ability to create, and through those creations, the person can share the excitement with others. This inspired passion for art grows everyday in anybody from anywhere. The passion grows in the blissfulness of my heart, as well as in the hearts of others.
            Has anyone ever dreamed to become the president of the United States, walk on the moon, or even to simply travel the world? I know I have dreamt those kinds of dreams; nevertheless, I was told repeatedly that these dreams are silly, unlike realistic dreams, such as passing a math test, reading all of Nicholas Sparks' books, or even getting a part-time job. However, realistic dreams should be called silly dreams; because if one does not dream big, life will not be blissful. This is why I dream of traveling to Japan and learning to speak Japanese.
            Growing up, Japan has always fascinated me in ways I cannot explain. I get excited every time my parents take me to my favorite Asian market store near Portland, although I have a hard time reading the books or food labels because I do not know the language. With this dream I have in my heart, I know one day I will understand what they say. "Silly" or not, I will go to Japan because this is my dream.
            I have told myself I will believe in anything and everything I choose to do. Happiness is about what makes someone happy, even if happiness means becoming an art teacher, taking pleasure in various arts, or dreams "silly" dreams. No one, not my teachers, nor my peers, or even my own parents can tell me what I need to do to enjoy my life. As long as I know what makes me happy, nothing else matters. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question?

Ok, I have been on the fence, ever since I decided to blog, about whether or not I should or could post something everyday.  Everything I have read about blogging , thus far, states you should always say something everyday to some degree.  "They", whoever they are, say you need to establish an audience, a following or as I like to imagine; you need Groupies...
Sounds more Rock Star-ish to me.  =)

I have discovered a web site or another blog site, I am not sure what it is, which has helpful insights if you too would like to put your most inner, bizarre, corky, intimate, cherished, and unusual thought out there for the WORLD to judge and criticize; like I so idiotically have done.  I do mean this in a good way just, so you know; my blog is public after all. I do realize that.... =) 
Anywhooo, I was gong to post my blog statement, or, uh- short story I guess I should say this Sunday, but I just realized I left it at work. ;/     Oh, and I am soooooo not going to make a poor attempt at remembering what I blabbed out into my computer, since I already know it would take me twice as long and in a different direction then where I was headed the first time around.  
I will admit it's actually extremely difficult to put thoughts on paper, even though, I have heaps of writing tidbits all over the place with what I like to call,  "spectacular-sparly ideas" which should be explored, brought to life, and shared with the literary world; so they do not vanish forever into the recycling bin. 
With that said, I've always admired writers of any sort who could "POP" creative worlds out of their minds, like a jack-in-the-box, making their dreams sound marvelous and seductive to us consumers.  In return selling billions of copies of their latest works of art, and who are now living in the south of France; on a spectacular, white sandy beach, dressing in flowy silk shirts, and never owning another pair of shoes again, for the rest of their natural born days.
*Sigh*  To me it sounds easy and alluring.... Hah, hah, hah... Yeaaaah, right.... easy... Hmmmm, not so much!

However, I am getting the notion this is a super, duper fantasy land I alone have let the movie world create for me, and not the reality of a true hard working literary guru; who has spent long tedious hours studying their craft, putting a tremendous amount of time, blood, sweat and tears into one, yes ONE, simple sentence or paragraph which actually, and frustratingly enough, took them months to finish.   (Did you like my use of the English Idioms or phrase there?  It sounded so rough and tough.  Who bleeds while writing anyway? I am sure laptops of today are much safer then the laptops of the yester years.) LOL   Also,  I have no real clue if all those comma are in the right spot, but I love this paragraph, so I do not care!) tee hee  =)
Anyway, I guess my point, if there is one to my Saga, is that I will NOT be blogging everyday,(OH, Stop that!  I saw you breath a sigh of relief), whether I have something to say or not.  I will only be posting as my thoughts and time will allow and if that impairs my chances of having a "Groupie" collection well then so be it!