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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it truly wrong to judge?

I personally make an effort NOT judge anyone, HOWEVER, after speaking to the usual suspects of friends and family one speaks with when you're taking a personal survey about the strange, interesting, weird, bazaar, frustrating, irritating and unreasonable things people attempt, represent or declare in this world; I am now a firm believer that the human race makes us judge each other whether we mean to or not.   How can you not with all the asinine, and that’s putting it nicely, and unusual things people do these days.  Oh and don't sit there reading this and say, "Oh, I don't judge!”  Yes you do.  We all do. 
Although, hear me out, judging is not necessarily a bad reaction or emotion as you might be thinking it is.  Even though, 9 times out of 10, it's precisely the type of judging your thinking right now, but please let me explain.  Don’t judge, judge, just because it has a stigmatism attached to it…  I am or will take this level of thinking to a tranquil, lighter side of thinking in order to be kinder to the word judge.  Yes, let’s call this “Word Kindness”.  Cause there are a lot of words out there that we humans give bad wraps to. (Subject matter for another blog later I am sure.)
Anyway, judging can be a good thing as well; an intense emotion that can bring out the good, and yes not so good, in all of us.  Look at it this way.  If we don't judge how can we have winners?  If we were truly equals then how can you learn from others?  If we don't judge how can we grow as individuals?  (This observation I have is with the objective that as a human being you are willing to learn and grow from others.  Unfortunately, not all of us are willing to do this, nor do some of us have any form of cognitive thinking skills TO be able to do this level of reasoning to begin with.)  *SIGH* Sad, but true I believe.
Nonetheless, judging a person, place or thing can be a way to self reflect and observe the good in others; to see, feel and hear new experiences in ways we never thought possible if we allow our minds to take us there.  If I or we didn't "view" things differently from one another, if that's a more pleasant way to state the word judge, then how can we learn to appreciate our differences to begin with? Our differences are what define us as individuals isn't it? 
Different perspectives, judging, of things or people such as art, sports, music, hobbies, and life styles all together is a way of appreciating diversity in a world; that is by far so diverse, so unusual, so crazy it makes us play judge, jury and EXECUTIONER every time we turn on the news, open the internet, read the paper or just walk down the street.  Gosh knows, I WOULD like to play the executioner more than see people for the "diversity" they bring.  However, as I stated at the beginning, I make a personal effort to NOT judge people. Nonetheless, it is my private struggle to not "react" harshly when, so many of us out there make it sooooooo dare easy to take the wrong path of judging another human being.   
I secretly try to stay confident though, without going into more details, that more of us would or could make a conscience effort to make it impossible for most of us to NOT judge each other; in that awful, shocking, terrible way that we all perceive the word judge to begin with.  (I know mouth full)....However, see picture below: some of you make it so effortless it's really not even funny any more. ;/
There for, is judging others something we all shouldn't do?  Wouldn't do?  Don't do?  Or is it something we ALL do?    I guess only you can be the judge of that?       =)  Hah, Hah, Hah….

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