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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Words of Encouragement to our Twi-Nation...

I found this quote in a bunch of old letters I had received from a good friend of mine, and thought in light of all the “Twilight hysteria” that has been going on all over the world for the past few days, I would post it for anyone and everyone to read.  It felt very fitting in light of all the moods, feelings and mind-sets that our Twi-Nation has been going through lately. 

However, just so you know my thought on 
all the “Twilight hysteria” is this:
I love Twilight for what it has brought me. I love Twilight for what it has given me.  
I believe I will always be grateful and thankful to Twilight for the rest of my life no matter 
whom or what happens in “Hollywood!”
Read into it what you will. 
Words of Encouragement 
Remember to always, always keep the SPARKLE alive and never ever let anyone  dull that SPARKLE!!! 

Source of poem/quote: Not sure of the Author of poem. I only took photo its printed on... =o)

Twilight Breaking Dawn Bella Swan's Jacket Cosplay Costume!!!



Check this out TwiPeeps!!!

Wanna see more!!! 
Click here! cosplaysky.com

Thanks for the inside tip Bella! Inside Bella's Closet

45 days until Bella's Bachelorette Party in Forks!

Its almost time!!! Yay!!

Do you have your tickets yet?
We do.  
Thanks to my TwiBFF Lisa, over at Twilighters Dream that is! 

We are super excited here at OTC because in 45 days Our Twilight Corner will be picking 
up Twilighters Dream from the Portland, Oregon International 
airport and drive like the Cullen's to 
enjoy all the festivities that will be happin in Forks during Stephenie Meyer Days!!!

We had such a blast last year that we booked our rooms for this year well before we left Forks last year!!  
Yes, we had that much fun!  

Yes!  That!  Much!  Fun! 
Anyway, Friday night (9.14.12), is Bella's bachelorette party and we 
wouldn't miss it for the world!  

Although, we still have to pick "Bella" up something  playful, ok....- "naughty",  
for her wedding night with "Edward".  kekekek
Oh yes we are Bella!!! Hah hah hah

Anywhoo, the TwiLadies from OTC and TD can't wait to get our 
SPARKLE on in Forks, and party with all the 
Cullen ladies for sure!!! 

I know it will be a Twiweekend we all will never forget! 
Hope to see ya all there! ;)

If you would like to know more about some of the cast members who make 
Forks Sparkly during SMD then check the links below...

Inside Bella's Closet as Bella Swan/Cullen
Edward  Look A Like as Edward Cullen
Dismaldreary Cosplay as Rosalie Hale
RavenMist Cosplay as Alice Cullen
Travis as Emmett Cullen as well you know Emmett Cullen 

OTC and TD do not in away work for Team SMD.  We just love Twilight, Forks and all the fun so we like to blog about it!  ;) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Days until we IMPRINT on Forks, Washington!

It's getting closer and closer!

We can't wait!!!
50 days until we IMPRINT on Forks and get our SPARKLE on baby!!! 
I am not sure if Our Twilight Corner is anywhere near ready really; and we are
 not even doing anything in Forks except for showing up to visit, party, 
and have some SPARKLY FUN!!!

If you are not going to SMD's you should!  

If you have never been to SMD's you need too!

Forks is a place where no matter what time of year it is true Twilighters are always welcome, 
and never judged.  However, during SMD's it's a place where you can let your fangs 
hang out, and really get your SPARKLE on!  

Everyone and I do mean everyone who lives, works and breaths in Forks always makes you 
feel like you are part of the family no matter what.  From the cast members who really take
 the time to dress up like the Twilight charters, to all the residents, volunteers, and 
contributors of the town of Forks.  

It seems like everyone helps to make this event more exciting, thrilling and exhilarating every 
year for all its Twilight fans, and because of all that hard work and dedication this 
event is always fangtastic and never boring!  

If you don't know what SMD is then check out this link: Stephenie Meyer Day

And remember to always keep the SPARKLE alive!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Cullen's sent me a gift from San Diego!

I received a strange tiny package in the mail the other day that was 
addressed to me from the Cullen's...  

However, in light of some resent financial "issues", and my need to save for my Forks trip, 
I have not indulged in any on-line Twilight shopping, for a while now, so I was kind of baffled over this resent package delivery.

Anywhoo, the address was from some place in San Diego.  However,  if it was 
truly from the Cullen's, well they live in Forks so I thought WTF?  lol 
When I opened the little gift I saw this Ultrasylvania card on top, and really started to
think WTF.  Although, I soon realized that the top card was just hiding the real gold mind below. 

LOOK!!!! I received the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic Con 2012 cards!!! 
Of course I was super excited to see them!  
And of course it would be nice to know who sent them to me, but at this point 
I am going to believe it was "The Cullen's!"  
{When you say, "The Cullen's" say it just like Angela did in the movie Twilight.  
It always has a better ring to it that way.}  lol 

Anyway, they look FANGTASTIC, and will make a great addition to my already very 
large and growing Twilight trading card collect for sure!
I know its hard to see them, but they are in great shape and very cool looking up close!

I guess if I wasn't able to go to Comic Con to see all the Twilight stars for myself, and 
share in all the SPARKLY energy the fans give off then having this little gift show up 
from who knows who was the next best thing!
So THANKS to whomever you are for my thoughtful and wonderful gift!!! 
They are going to look wonderful in Our Twilight Corner!!!  
 My TwiCard collection is almost complete. Just need the BD2 trading cards now! Yay!

Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!!  =o)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Twilight Inspired Quilt in the making part 2....

Well as some of you may know I am in the process of making a Twilight inspired quilt.. 

Click HERE to see part 1.  lol 

Weellll, actually my sister is making the quilt for me, but I bought all the materials and I am 
helping her in spirit, Twi-spirit that is.  
Especially, since she is not a fan; I know boo hoo, but she loves me so 
she is willing to give a Twilight quilt a try. 

Anyhoo, I received some of the pieces today that are suppose to complete the quilt, but now I am not so sure if they will work.

What do you think?
Cute right?!!! 
Just so you know the pieces with Bella, Edward and Jacob's face on them are not going 
in to this quilt, but the book covers were suppose to.  

However, I think they might be to light in color to work now.   
Here is an up close shot of one of the fabric pieces and it doesn't seem as black as it did on line. 

Because they are not very black I am not so sure if it will look ok next to the very black fabric I picked out.  And the last thing I want to do is make the quilt look bad. 

See how the black for my quilt is really very, very black and the Breaking Dawn book cover seems to be a little faded looking to me... 
Yeah this is so black you can't even tell its a photo of a piece of fabric... lol 

Here's a photo of the pattern I picked out for my Twi-Quilt.  
It's called Trip Around The World.  
The Twilight Saga book cover pieces are suppose to go near the center with the actual 
center of the quilt being that very very black piece that I showed you above..   
I tried to draw arrows to show you where they are suppose to go.. 
Hope that helps.. tee hee 

Now I am just not so sure, and I don't want to take away from the quilt by making it look bad ya know.  
Ugh, decision, decisions, decisions... 

Anyway, I will keep ya posted... . 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I got Bella's Breaking Dawn Pt2 BOOTS!

Thanks to a "tip" I received from Inside Bella's Closet and going to the web site 
6pm.com I was able to get a  replica of the boots Bella Swan, oh I mean Cullen wears in BD2!  
Super excited to add these to Our Twilight Corner!! 

I never buy shoes on-line because, well it never works out the way a large footed woman would hope, but these are actually really comfy!!
Now mind you, I am not going to be doing any "real" hiking, running or walking for that mater in these babies, but they are NOT going to just live on a shelf that's for sure!  

I do plan on wearing them even if no one knows they are Twilight related or not!  

I will know, they are cute, and that's all that matters!  =o)

Belated Birthday Surprise from Twilighters Dream

I received my birthday gift in the mail yesterday and I LOVE THEM!

Thanks to my TwiBFF Lisa over at Twilighters Dream for my Breaking Dawn part 1 Hallmark ornaments! 

There is one for Our Twilight Corner, and one will be for our Twilight Christmas tree this year!!! Yay!  =o)

I have said it before and I will say it again...

Lisa you are like my Twilight Fairy GodSister and for that I thank you for
coming into my life and going TwiCrazy with me whenever we can!!!

Only 54 more days to go before we go TwiCrazy in Forks for Stephenie Meyer days!!
Yay!!! =o)