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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twilighers Dream come true and then some...

As I acknowledged in my other blog, "If you Sparkle they will come", we are getting ready to invade Forks, Washington in order to enjoy all the activities they have taking place during Stephenie Meyer Days (SMD's).  If you haven't already read the blog I mentioned at the beginning of this one, may I suggest you do so in order for this all to be a little less cloudy for you. 
Anyway, SMD's happens, but once a year and it's defiantly a Twilighters dream event which is the perfect setting for a girls weekend get-a-way.  In other words, its wonderful because we get to be completely and utterly uninhibited Twilight Fans with no one making fun of us, or calling us names.  There will be NO haters there to ridicule our love for Twilight.  It's completely perfect so how can this girls weekend get-a-way in Forks during SMD's get any better then it's already cracking up to be?  Well I will tell you how it will get better then it already seems to be because for some of us the countdown to Forks isn't just any old trip; its a Dream come true! 
You see us Corner gals are especially, super duper, excited to head off on our Forkspedtion because not only do we get to travel to Forks together, hang out, and take part in SMD's, but we FINALLY get to meet Lisa, from Twilighters Dream.  Its hard to say, thinking back now, how Lisa and I become friends from such long distances because I or we live in Oregon and she lives in Florida, but we found each other nonetheless.  We found each other through our love for Twilight and that's all that really matters. 
Look its Lisa!! Yay!!!
Yep, that's right, Lisa and I have never actually meet face to face however our friendship feels like it's been a life time in the making.  In other words, its like we have known each other all our lives and have some sort of strange Twi-kinship  linking  us together.   Kind of like twins separated at birth.  Only our Twin connection is our Twi-connection.  Oh I know, no creepiness there eh with that statement eh?!.. Ha ha  
Don't worry, we have heard it all from our friends and family and  we don't care.  To us its no different then on line dating to some degree.  We meet on line and now we are friends with or without Twilight!  Simple as that.
Our Twi-connection has only grow stronger over the last few month because we have spent hours chit chatting on the phone, sent thousands of text messages, along with oodles of emails, heaps of pictures, Skyped during parties, oh and of course let's not forget to mention, a number of late nights Facebooking sessions until dawn; in order for Lisa and I to get to know each other better.  Heck, in order for Lisa to get to get to know all Our Corner ladies better and more, for that matter. 

See Lisa joined us via Skype for my Birthday party.
However, Lisa and I have been the main two players in all these texts, phone calls, and e-mails, and feel we are now each others TWI-BFF's for all eternity; bonded even greater as friends because of our twi-secrets we have shared with one another.  In reality our friendship has only been for a few months, however for some strange, interesting and fantastic reason we have become, I guess you could say, sisters at heart.  =0)

With that being said it was effortless for me to invite Lisa to Oregon so she could travel with us to Forks for SMD's.  Just like all Twilighters, its been a dream of Lisa's to visit Forks ever since she first laid eyes on Edward Cullen.  From the first time she wrapped herself  between the sparkly pages of the Twilight Saga, in order to partially live in that Twiworld we all know and love.  Basically, I couldn't think of a better time or place for Lisa to come visit.  I mean how could we not meet in person and hang out?  We already had Twilight complementing our friendship and solidifying us to be TWI-BFF's forever.  Therefore on 9.8.2011 we will be picking Lisa up from PDX and racing off to Forks in order to hang out, go Twicrazy together, and enjoy all the epic fun ness that SMD's has to offer a group of fan like us.
However, hold on a seceond, there's more!  Yes, it gets even better in our Corner of the world.  How you might ask?  How can things get any more fantastic then my TWI-BFF flying in from Florida and we all headin to Forks?  Well the other amazing thing about this weekend trip isn't just the fact that Lisa will be with us along for the ride, but Anna from Twili-fye who is just a hop and skip to the east of me in Silverton, Oregon will also be going to Forks with us!  Plus, yeah- plus, YES there ismore!!!  We also get to meet Angie from Pure Twilight who lives in Moses Lake, Washington.  Eeeeeeeeeeek, I know this is exciting, thrilling, and exhilarating stuff...Eeeeeeeeeeeek, fun time big time!!!!!
Photo by: Twilighters Dream
Plus, OH YEAH - there's even more!  I know I can't stand it all....  BUT letsTwifans who share the same passion and love for all things Twilight!  I am so excited its hard to contain myself.  Another, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, *jumping up and down* full of excitement over the thought of all this Epic-ness taking place in one weekend and  in one Sparkly wonderful little town, named FORKS!
So you see this is not just a trip of life time for Lisa, but an adventure of a life time for all of us as well.  I am sure anyone and everyone who have gone to Forks or who are going to Forks feels the same way.  How could you not?  I mean Savanna, Olivia and I have all gone to Forks, La Push and Port Angeles before, but never during SMD's and never all together with so many other amazing, wonderful people who are like us, who are like "our kind".   =0)  Yay!!!!
However, just between you and I, I'm secretly hoping this will turn into a yearly tradition for me and my Corner of the world, but we'll see...  Because life always has a way of throwing a curve ball at ya.  There's always something new and exciting waiting for each and everyone of us, and at any given moment, and without warning our paths can take a new direction, a new turn.  So I have no problem starting a count down to Forks 2012 now, just in case because life is just too dark short NOT to get your SPARKLE on every chance you get!

Monday, August 29, 2011

If you SPARKLE they will come

It's about that time of year again when Twilighters from around the globe make their Twilgrimage to the great state of  Washington, in order to attend Stephenie Meyer Days (SMD's) which is an annual event held in that sparkly little town called Forks; located in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula.  I know my Corner gals and I have been eagerly packing, planning, and getting ready for our Twiadventure for about a year now and are totally ready to hit the road.

Although, I have to tell you its kind of funny story about how this Twiadventure came about because we never planned, originally, to go to SMD's or Forks for that matter at all.  All we wanted to do, in a spontaneous fit of excitement, was plan and take off for a fun adventurous girls weekend.  Our destination was unknown and that was perfectly fine with the three of us.  The only thing we were completely sure of was the fact that we wanted to get away, spend time together and have absolutely no boys/men along for the ride.   I say no boys/men because we wanted our weekend escapade to be one where we were not afraid to be ourselves.   Not that we are fearful, so to speak, to show are true colors no matter who is around, but sometimes a person does hold back, a bit, on there actions or words for fear of scaring or embarrassing the ones you're with.

We knew our girls weekend was a way for us to be liberated from our daily reroutes, and to be free of any and all responsibilities in order relax, hang out , and unwind in the great outdoors.   We wanted to be uninhibited with no reservations about who or what we are as individuals or as women!  We wanted to enjoy each others company, and not have anyone telling us what to do, how to do it, or criticizing us for how we are acting and behaving.  We want to be silly, insane, giggle girls again; if only for a few days.  

It didn't take long for Forks to come to mind simple, because the one bond we all have in common is the fact that we are huge Twilight fans and completely love the books and movies.   As if you couldn't figure that one out.  LOL   Actually, this is how we were drawn together as friends to begin with, so it was absolutely perfect for us to chose Forks as our escape destination.  Not that we don't like each other without Twilight.  Heck, I personally love Our Twilight Corner ladies.  

Just to give you a little insight, there's three of us that make up the "OUR" in Our Twilight Corner; it's kind of like a metaphor so to speak.  There's me, my name is Lynn and I kind of started the Corner concept to begin with and keep it all going in a way.  I am the one blogging and forcing, I mean asking politely for, the other two to go on wild, crazy and sometimes silly adventures with me.  NOT that I have to twist there arms by any means.  Trust me they usually jump at any and all suggested adventures.  Then there's Savanna,  my daughter, and she is the best darn daughter a mom could ever have!  She is my trusty sidekick, the "apple" of my eye, and  her sparkly smile is always loaded and ready for action when I ask her to climb, jump, or dangle from anything and any where all for the sake of a photo opportunity.  She loves to humor me and I absolutely adore this about her.  I am in awe of the fact that she loves me so much that she will never tell me no when I need or want to take pictures of her.  Then last but certainly not least, there is our fangtastic Twifriend Olivia and well what can I say about our little "Bella"!?  She ROCKS!  Olivia is such a joy to have in our life we can't imagine having a life without her as a dear friend!  Beside she was completely, totally and absolutely willing to be filmed in our, "Edward Cullen Your Love is My Drug", video!  Therefore, anyone willing to go along with one of my Twilight ideas, that's not blood related to me, was a shoe in to be our best friend forever and always no matter what!  lol

Anyway with that being said, Forks was our destination and not just because we all love Twilight, but because we knew it was the one place a Twilighter is perfectly free to be themselves which, need I remind you, was our main goal when planning our girls weekend get a way.  In other words we felt Forks was the one place a person is never criticized for acting a bit "sparkly", to put it kindly, and never made fun of for wearing there favorite Twilight t-shirt, shoes, pants, necklace, ring, and bracelets all at the same time.  A place where a person can proudly show off a Twilight tattoo if the need to do so should ever hit ya. 

Forks is a special place where people can continuously say out loud "OME" or" OMJ" and constantly speaking to everyone they meet in Twilight quotes.  It's a place where a person can put in, "golden brown", colored contacts, lather there body with glitter and wont be made fun for doing it. (At least no one will speak it out load to your face that is.)  I mean where else is a Twifan completely free to get there sparkle on no matter what?  A Twilight convention you say?  Ok, well yes that's probably true as well, but I am talking about FORKS and what better time to go to Forks then during SMD's.  I mean this is like a weekend made in Twi-heaven for a group of ladies such as ourselves.  

However, picking the weekend of SMD's to go to Forks is just icing on the cake because we know there will be a tremendous amount  of  "our kind" there as well.  If ever there was a weekend to lower our guard, embrace our Twilighter side and absorb our inner Sparkly Veggie Vamp or Hot blooded Werewolfness, this would the weekend to choose.  It's perfect and we are so ready to get our sparkle on it s not even funny.  I mean how can this weekend get-a-way get any better?  How can it be any more perfect then its already gonna be?  Well, I will tell you how it's get better.  =0)

To be continued.......

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Get your SPARKLE on

I kind have a funny story for you today...
As I stood in my bedroom this morning sprinkling  my pale skin with some lovely perfume my son yelled at me from down the hallway, "Oh my gawd MOM, I can smell you SPARKLE from here!" 
I couldn't help, but secretly giggle and feel the need to share this huge accomplishment with you all right away.  Oh yes this is a huge accomplishment.  Why might you ask is this an accomplishment?  Why do I refer to this small exchange between mother and son, about how he felt I was putting to much perfume on and stinking up the joint, as an accomplishment? 
Well because he used a certain word, a fantastic word, without being provoked.  He referenced to my perfume, my fragrance of choice for the day as my sparkle.   My sparkle!  My life is complete now to some degree.  HA HA
You see I have referred to, bombarded and barraged my friends and family with the word SPARKLE like you wouldn't believe.   I have loved shinny, twinkle things, gleaming, glittery things, and all things that shimmer, shine and dazzle since I can remember.  However, Twilight and my love for it has solidify my sparkly obsession even more.  I try not to let a day go by where I don't get my SPARKLE on some how, or glisten like diamonds in the sunlight or moonlight for that mater, in order to put a smile on my face.  tee hee =0) 
Its fun and I enjoy putting a little sparkle on whether its attitude or product to lighten my mood if only for myself, if not for everyone else's protection or benefit.  If you feel good you project this to the world and the world has enough problems without me adding to it.  So when I say his reference to my aroma is an accomplishment what I really mean is now I am not the only one who Twilight has seduced in one form or another. 
Conscious or subconscious he said it out loud and without hesitation.  He didn't just say my perfume stunk or that I was stinky.  He said he could smell my sparkle and that to me is not a bad thing.  Although, you might be thinking that I was putting  too much on and that's why he yelled this, but in actuality my sparkly fragrance does not stink and I was not putting that much on.  (At least that's what he told me b/c I did ask him and he said no it smelled nice.  lol )  Not that I have to justify this to you all, but I'm just sayin... =0)  It does however, have sparkles in it so my skin will glimmer in the light and its fragrance is light an airy which is very uplifting for ones mood.
In case you were curious I like to use Victoria Secrets, PINK Shimmer and Shine, warm & cozy sparkling body mist, as shown below in the picture (NOT that this is a sales pitch, so don't think I am benefiting from telling you any of this b/c I am not. Just sharing info.)
Our Twilight Corner
I have used there other shimmer and shine products as well, but this new one is fangtastic.  A little bit does go a long way, but I don't feel it has a heavy order to it at all.  I can't stand heavy  fragrances anyway.  They make my nose  go crazy and my lungs hurt.  
Now after the shimmer spray dries I also like to dust on a little more sparkle by using, Make Me PINK or HOT For PINK, also by Victoria Secret.  They also have a very light bouquet which goes well with the warm & cozy shimmer & shine spray.  It adds just a tiny bit more spark to your sparkles as well. 
Our Twilight Corner
Oh and just an added public service announcement, don't ever forget to cover your pale skin with some sparkle protection as well, (sunscreen) before you begin the fun process of decking your skin out in man made sprinkles of sparkles because as fun as it is to shine and shine out loud;  its completely and utterly devastating to be struck down with any form of skin cancer and we all want everyone to stick around for as long as sparkly possible!
Tee hee Sparkle Protection
I personally like to use this brand of sunscreen, but any number of them will work to protect your skin from harm and keep you from revealing your true self to the public.  ha ha
However, if you do find you have been left out in the suns damaging razes for far too long such as this fellow below.  :/
Dumb Ass - This is so mean.. ;(
You can and should always use an after sparkle protection gel such as this one show below as well. =0)  HA HA 
Soothing Sparkle Gel
It will help to smooth your skin once it has been overly fried by the sun. :/

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calling all Twilighters! It's a Twilight Survey.

Hey a group of Swedish tourism researchers from Mid Sweden University’s European Tourism Research Institute (ETOUR), is interested in the nature of your Twilight obsession, I mean activities.. ha ha =0)
Please, click on the link below to find out more information and to begin your survey. 
It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Calendars are in! Well at least my neck of the woods...

Soooooooooo we found a bunch of Breaking Dawn 1 calendars the other day as my daughter and I were school shopping...   They were hidden, interestedly enough, behind some "puppy" dog calendars which I found pretty fitting and funny to some degree. 
As I was digging a few of the calendars out to bask in my wonderful discovery, I stopped to ponder if it was a "hater" or a "lover" who hid those calendars?  I mean a hater would put another item over anything Twilightish because the thought of this item staring them in the face makes them, well sick, I hate to say.   
However, a "puppy" dog calendars in front of the BD1 calendar could have been a Twicode to another Twilighter who might also be in search of these elusive calendars?  Personally, I am going with secret code because it tickles me to death to know we Twi-fans would be the ones to use a "puppy dog" calendar to tip another Twilighter off in order to help a teammate find their Twi treasure.  =0) 

Oh so anyhoo, I would love to be able to say that after I picked up the Breaking Dawn 1 calendar I could happily report it is a beautiful and spectacular item to see up close and personal.  However, sadly I am still not impressed with what Summit Entertainment is pumping out for us fans to buy.  I know I know, but I can't hide my feelings on this one.  I am not loving the Breaking Dawn 1 collector items I have seen so far at all. There just not calling my name for some reason.  ;/
 With that said, its not like Summit doesn't have me hooked, so what do they care if I don't particularly like these items very much?  At least BD1 items that is... I mean its not like I won't buy any of there goods and they know it; so of course Summit will be able to sit back, laugh, and count there green backs.  BUT, and I do mean BUT, I am still highly disappointed that they approved and are now going to start pumping these items out to us fans by the hundreds...
To be honest I was really, really, really hoping that after I got to hold, touch and feel this BD1 calendar I would fall madly in love with it and scream to the Twi-world its AMAZING, but sorry I still can't.  I guess I am very torn up over Dr. Cullen.  They took him from HOT to TOOL in just a few short years... Come on who loves Dr. Cullen's BD1 look? Really?  Ugh.. NOT! 

Although, I am a very, big fan and I am not giving up hope yet that things wont perk up and there will be a sparkly silver lining the closer 11.18.11 gets to us for any and all collector items... =0)   Right?   Right!

Make sure you check us out on facebook too.. ok =0)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finding Twilight.... or close to it...

Recently some friends of mine and I went on a Twilight Adventure together to the beautiful, mysterious and ever so famous Oxbow Park.  
You know, Oxbow Park right? 

Its the place where they filmed the “Say it out loud” scene from Twilight  because Bella knows Edwards a vampire.  Eeeek.. Yay! We had a blast!
Source: Summit Entertainment
Oh, by the way friends who came with me that day if you are reading this... Umm, SURPRISE you went on a Twilight adventure with me! =)  As if any of you were clueless as to why I picked that spot to go hiking.  Yeah, right!  Like I had any of them fooled anyway!  Haha 

I am pretty sure some of them knew what "Our Twilight Corner" was up to that day.  However, we all have a few comment bonds and that is to always try to have fun, stay fit and enjoy a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest; so off we went.

Well we had our hiking shoes on, maps, water and friends what more could you ask for?  Well besides a Cullen popping out of the woods.  Now that would have been AMAZING!  But lets not live in dream land all the time shall we people... =0)

Anywhoo, we wonder around for a few miles and hours in the park not only seeing Twilight spots at every turn, but having a fangtastic time seeing all the things these woods have to offer. 
If you get a chance you must go!  It is a fee park so make sure you check them out before going... Oxbow Park Oreogn

Well as you can see our little Olivia was honing in on her inner Vampire as soon as we came to "The Spot" where Edward said, "SAY IT OUT LOUD"!  It was awesome though and so much fun to be in this spot, this park with all my friends!

Once Olivia got started though we couldn't stop her from wanting the taste of blood... ha ha
Maybe because we still could feel the essence of Edward all around us.  Or maybe because its just fun to live in Twilight land.  Who knows, but I can tell you this it was fangtastic to roam around in the "same" woods as the Cullen's. lol   Well you know what I mean... =0)

Oh how sweet even the animals in Oxbow park have a team picked..  
I wonder how he got that tattoo...   ;)   
Every where we turned and on every path we saw more and more Twilight.

We even climbed up a mountain, out of a cloud bank to find even more Twilight.  Oh Look even a meadow... =0)

Yes its true at the top of this hill we hiked up we found a meadow.   Now how much more Twilight can one hike, one day truly get? ha ha  

All in all, we had a blast not only finding Twilight in Our Corner of the world, but to be able to hang out and just enjoy ourselves with the friends and family we love and care for so much.  And after all isn't that one thing Twilight is all about?  =0)

For more pictures visits: Our Twilight Corner on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fate of the View Point Inn, letter from the owner.

Sadly this video shout out to all the Twilight Fans and stars of the movie has unfortunately, come a little too late.  This video was posted about a week ago and just recently Geoff has sent a letter out to all his supporters which I have posted below.

Below is a letter from Geoff Thompson, owner of The View Point Inn which pretty much sums things up for him and his dream.  However, I am hoping there is still light at the end of the tunnel for The Inn, and Geoff as well.

Dear all,

Yesterday  marked three weeks since the fire of 2011.  First of all let me say, I Geoff Thompson take one hundred percent responsibility for the situation that we find ourselves in.  I am deeply sorrowful and crushed for jeopardizing the security of the Inn, relationships with our customers and friends, and obliterating  the dreams of brides who had scheduled their weddings here at The View Point Inn.

I wanted to recap the series of events leading up to where we are at today:

As many of you may or may not know, it has been a very, very long journey for me at this Inn.  Nearly fifteen years of my life fighting to save history.  No one has asked me to do it.  The View Point Inn  is plain and simply and has always been in my heart and soul.  My partner Angelo and I spent nearly one million dollars fighting the US Forest Service.  The Columbia River Gorge Commission, Multnomah County and Friends of the Gorge. 

We finally opened on Memorial Day 2007.  Virtually broke at that time.  But hey, we kept going through one rough economy.  We kept going through a kitchen fire.  We kept going through lots of changes in staff.   We kept going.  Where there was a will there was a way.  We kept going. 

With tremendous support from customers, light at the end of the tunnel with a change in our economy, and this our best year yet for weddings, private parties and banquets, season five looked like our year  Then on July 10th, at approximately 11:30 a.m. a cinder from the chimney landed on the roof and poof. 

In June, I had filed a Chapter 11 to reorganize my debt and provide breathing room for the View Point Inn to finally flourish  Due to cash flow issues, there was a lapse in payment of the insurance premium.  So to add insult to injury, # 1 the fire, # 2 no insurance, #3 no insurance would automatically dismiss a chapter 11.  On the morning of July 14th We received a call from Home Depot wanting to donate the materials to rebuild, also Vanguard Restoration, who had already by July 2oth donated nearly $20,0000 of labor and materials to cleanup from the fire made a commitment to raise $1 million.  Armed with that information, my attorney Ted Troutman and I asked for dismissal of my bankruptcy  We felt with Home Depot, Vanguard Restoration, our supporters and even a radio station as far away as Australia raising money for the rebuild, we had a chance to rise again.  Unfortunately, State Representative Matthew Wand, also an attorney representing three creditors, one of which is his uncle Dick Wand of Dick Want Construction, aggressively asked the bankruptcy trustee to put me into a Chapter 7.  That request was granted, and I was ordered to turn over the keys to The View Point Inn on Friday July 15th.    Had I not been put into a Chapter 7, we could and would be opening and operating today.  Even Multnomah County and the State of Oregon were doing everything they could to get us back open no matter what. 

So I take one hundred percent responsibility for the situation that I find myself in.  One hundred percent responsibility.  Imagine if State Representative Matthew Wand would have done everything in his power to help up secure a small business loan, to consolidate debt, to make much needed repairs and improvements to The View Point Inn and have a little bit of operating capital.  There could be a happy ending to  this story.  And there still might be,  however, my journey at The View Point Inn is now over.  There have been a lot of angry brides, angry customers, people standing back pointing their finger in judgment, but the supporters eclipse the haters. So once again I am extremely sorry to those who have been hurt by my actions and my hope is that when wounds heal people will see that I truly gave my heart and soul, as did my partner Angelo Simione, and Calvin Myers to The View Point Inn. 


Geoff Thompson.

Another Letter is another video diary of Geoff trying to get the President of The United States attention on this issue. Geoff's perseverance and tenacity in light of his tragedy is very inspiring to me.  I applause him for his never surrender, never give up attitude he has maintained in all this and never once, NOT taking ownership for what has happened.   Some of you may think he is finger pointing, through all his letters and video dairies, I feel he is just simply stating his case as to what led up to him losing his dream.  I am not trying to take a side here of any one persons. I am simply on the side of The View Point Inn which needs our help no matter who owns it!

Thank you- Naomi LaTourrette