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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You compare one small tree to the entire forest.

This edit is from pictures I took this morning from my window at work.
It reminded me of a Eclipse quote and had to share.
Have a great Hump day everyone!!!
“Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? Any concept at all of how much I love you?" He pulled me tighter against his hard chest, tucking my head under his chin.

I pressed my lips against his snow-cold neck. "I know how much I love you," I answered.

You compare one small tree to the entire forest."

I rolled my eyes, but he couldn't see. "Impossible.”
― Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse

Monday, March 26, 2012

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke in talks to direct British gangster movie Diamond

I love Catherine's work, can't wait to see more. 
However a Gangster movie? 
Well that's usually not my style of movie I seek out, but 
I am willing to branch out a bit knowing Hardwicke is involved.. =o) 

"Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first Twilight film is in discussions to direct Diamond, a gangster film set in 1960s swinging London.
Diamond will be the first film to be produced by Nicola Horlick, the former City of London “superwoman” investment manager. Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse (Frankie and Alice) are writing the screenplay, and the project could shoot in 2013.
Hardwicke is currently casting her next movie Plush, an erotic thriller starring Evan Rachel Wood, which IM Global is selling.
Horlick is developing Diamond through her Derby Street Films development fund, which has raised $2.5m through an Enterprise Investment Scheme. Derby Street is developing eight feature films, mostly working with US companies including Inferno Entertainment and Cargo Entertainment."

Source: SreenDaily

Summer, Forks, Winter, Spring!

The first time I went to Forks I fell in love with it, and all its SPARKLE.

However after seeing these photos that Rianilee from Twilight Tours in Forks took I love Forks even more!
There absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful, and if you haven't been on a tour with Twilight Tours in Forks you needs too! Awesome business with fantastic folks!

That's probably one of the biggest reasons why I love Forks.

The people! :0)  

So I dare you to go to Forks, take a tour, and not to fall in love... In love with it all!  

I this is my favoite pic.. I love seeing Bella's "trucks" covered in snow. 
Snow pretty... Ha ha ha 

2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

The UK categories have closed, but you still have until 3.31.2012 to pick all the other winners. 
 So keep voting!!!
Click on the link to vote for your favorites!!! =o)  2012 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. 

Bella shines in my book!

"After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I could shine." ~Bella Cullen
Bella has always shined in my book how about yours?
I have very mixed emotions after seeing the Breaking Dawn Pt 2 teaser trailer over the weekend.  Like all of you I am super duper excited to see the last Twilight Saga movie, but my excitement is always followed by sadness.   
Almost depressing sadness. 
I am enjoy the Saga too much, and really never want any of it to end.  EVER!  I know Twilight will forever be in my heart, but really its not the same when you don't have a teaser to look forward to or the thrilling excitement from getting ready to watch the Black Carpet event.  

I don't know I just wish time would slow down a bit because before you know it 11.16.2012 will have come, and gone and it will all be just a memory for us all. 

Anyhoooo, if you missed the BD2 teaser trailer watch again right here.  I know I can't get enough!

The Hunger Games' Epic Opening Weekend: Where Does It Rank vs. Harry Potter and Twilight?

"Where once the staggering box-office returns belonged to Harry Potter and Twilight, this weekend they belonged to The Hunger Games. Here's how the three book-to-movie blockbusters stack up against either other: The Hunger Games vs. Twilight It's almost not fair to compare The Hunger Games to the first Twilight, and, numbers-wise, it's not close. 

 The Hunger Games' $155 million Friday-Sunday debut more than doubled Twilight's start. The rout was so complete The Hunger Games very nearly equaled Twilight's $69.6 million opening weekend with its opening day. Even when Twilight's 2008 ticket prices are adjusted upward (using 2011's average ticket price of $7.93), The Hunger Games rules, and handily so ($155 million vs. a theoretical $76.9 million). With the original Twilight essentially a low-budget, surprise hit, the better comparisons involve the vampire saga's sequels. In that game, Twilight wins some (Breaking Dawn—Part 1, Eclipse and New Moon all debuted bigger at midnight and on their respective opening days), but The Hunger Games still wins the big one (opening-weekend bragging rights). 

The Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter This one's too close to call. On one hand, The Hunger Games undeniably made more money in its franchise debut than did Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, even when the 2001 film's stats are tweaked for inflation, a calculation that brings its opening-weekend total to a theoretical $126 million. On the other hand, Sorcerer's Stone arguably made the bigger splash by setting what was then the record for a three-day debut: $90.3 million. For its part, The Hunger Games "merely" established itself as Hollywood's third-biggest-ever opener. On the third hand, The Hunger Games opened bigger than all of the Harry Potter sequels, save one. On the fourth hand, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, the one sequel The Hunger Games didn't beat, reigns still as Hollywood's weekend king. On the fifth hand, Deathly Hallows: Part 2's total was boosted by 3-D ticket prices; The Hunger Games got by on 2-D. (Both played in IMAX.) On the sixth hand… Er, never mind. This argument has gotten out of hand. 

The Bottom Line: The Hunger Games' out-of-the-box overseas success, which pushed the movie's three-day, worldwide total past $200 million, puts the franchise on more of a Harry Potter track, but try to tell that to any Twilight fan who bought a Hunger Games ticket to see the new Breaking Dawn—Part 2 trailer."

Source 1

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Keepin The SPARKLE Alive & Fun!

Found new App can you guess. Haha :0)
Whatcha think?

Hungry for more of the Games!

Wow, loved the Hunger Games, but it left us thirsty for more! How bout you?

Still can't believe we have to wait until 11/2013, to see Catching Fire though!
Ugh, really?

Man I hope they move that date up a bit! However, as much as I loved the movie I have to say,,, "the book was better!". Lol Isn't it always though?

What did you all think?
Love it?
Hate it?
Well we loved it, and now I'm ready to braid my daughters hair and buy her a bow which she would looooooove for me to do. Haha

Anywhoo, if my Flixster app is correct we only have 600 days to go until Catching Fire comes out. *BIG SIGH* Grrrrrr!
Oh well, we are use to counting down to things after all... I mean we are TWILIGHTERS right?! :0)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Twilight Corner meets Team Kellmett and it ROCKS!!!

It all started when Lyndy Shields won a trip to Forks, Washington when she entered a photo contest that was put on by I Need a Splash of Forks.  It was awesome because Lyndy invited a few friends to join her on this trip, and one of them was Victoria from Team Kellmett.  

You see I have known Victoria through Facebook for over a year now, and was completely thrilled to find out they all were coming up to visit the Pacific Northwest.

So right away my daughter and I offered to show them the Twilight filming locations in Oregon if they ever made it down our way.  
Well they did, and we had a BLAST!

As soon as I found out when Victoria was coming to Oregon I texted another Twilight fan who lives here, and asked her if she would like to hang with us for the day in order to meet Victoria and her friends as well.  We had all NEVER meet before, and I thought it was very exciting, daring, and adventurous for us to be doing this just out of the blue. 

On Sunday March 11th, 2012 we pick up Tami D first in order to surprise Victoria, and her friends.  V had no clue Tami was gonna be with us.  She thought it was just me and Savanna from Our Twilight Corner.  You see Tami use to help admin on The TwiHard Diet page with Victoria at one time, so I thought it only fitting we should all hook up, and finally put real sparkly faces with real sparkly people. 

Here we all are having fun right away with Edward!  lol   
Didn't take us long to feel like old sparkly friends that's for sure, but I think that's the power 
of Twilight don't you?
Tami is on the left, then Savanna, Edward, Victoria and I am the one driving in glasses.  Well I wasn't driving when I took this pic though.. NOOO, that's not safe kids... ha ha 

After a very wet, but sparkly meet and greet at the ladies hotel we all ran over to Carver Cafe for lunch. 
 Steak and Cobbler right?  
No wait I think Victoria had a "Veggie Platter"... lol 
From left to right is Lyndy, who won the I Need A Splash Of Forks trip, Christy, Jennifer and Victoria.

After lunch it was off to the boulders.  We all know this spot right?
Where the Lion fell in love with the lamb.  Only this time is was Jennifer, and 
Christy reenacting that scene.. Ha ha I love it!

Oh look Victoria, Edward and Lyndy all went on a "Field Trip"...=o)
No compost tea for me thanks.. Ha ha

Another wonderful stop on our tour was The View Point Inn.  
Sadly, TVPI where the Twilight Prom scene took place burned down in 7/2011, but it still kind of
stands waiting for someone to buy it, rebuild it, and love it again. Although, the views have not changed and are still very spectacular to say the least.  
Jennifer, Christy, and Lyndy in front of TVPI sign. 

Victoria is in front of the gorgeous view of the Columbia River Gorge from TVPI. 

Savanna and Victoria are sad because the Twilight Prom Arch is no 
longer located at  TVPI.  However, its a bitter sweet moment because the arch has a new 
SPARKLY home in Forks.  We couldn't have asked for a better spot for it either.  =o)  
Thanks Forks! 
We are hoping to see the famous arch again when we head off on our Twilgrimage to Forks this fall for Stephenie Meyer Days 2012!!! =o)   Its a must trip for any Twilighter I feel!

Look we are all acting goofy in front of  the cold, wet, and gray Pacific Northwest landmark 
This spectacular waterfall is a must see for all out of towners.  Heck, I love coming 
here no matter what! It's beautiful rain or shine! 

The Cullen's home!
Enough said!  Love it!  Always a thrill. 

Now I have been on this Twilight tour several times, but have never been to Bella Swan's house in the Twilight hours, kee hee, and let me tell ya its AWESOME! 
Bella's house is very surreal and well, --Twilightish at night!  
I felt like we could have ran into Alice and Emmett at any moment 
while they were both doing another protection duty; to keep Bella safe... =o) 
It's a must see when you come to Oregon as a Twilighter!  No one should ever miss it!

We ended our day having dinner, and toasting each other, and our Twilight friendship in St. Helen's Oregon, aka Port Angeles.  This is where a lot of the filming was done for Twilight anyway, and we felt like it was fitting to end our tour here.  Plus it was very dark out and if you go Twilighting at night on private property you have a tendency to get arrested, and that would have been bad.  lol 
However, words cannot explain how FANTASTIC it was to meet more Twilight fans who live, and breath Twilight the way we do.  I hope Victoria and her friends can come back again some day, and see more of the Pacific Northwest.  It was a joy and a pleasure to show them around.  

You know Stephenie Meyer Days are only 5 months away...
Just sayin... =o)

You can see more photo's from our Twilight Adventure on our Facebook page: Our Twilight Corner.  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Host Official Teaser Trailer #1 - Stephenie Meyer Movie (2013) HD

Its a good day to be a teaser trailer for sure..  Breaking Dawn Pt 2Cosmopolis
and now The Host... 

However, I am not sure if The Host teaser makes me excited or sad.  Why? Ummm, well you watch, and then let me know what you think...
Well?? What did you think?

Personally, I think this was--- well kind of bad...  I loved the book, and I can't wait for Stephenie Meyer to write the sequels, if she ever does, and I was super excited to see this movie... 
However, if this teaser trailer is any indication of how the movie will be I am not so thrilled at this point... 

So I have to ask... Is this trailer for real or is it a joke?

I'm only asking because I felt like I was watching the beginning of some National Geographic documentary from the 80's.  Not the trailer to a very anticipated movie which was inspired by a wonderful book, created by the sparkly dream queen herself; Stephenie Meyer....  

I mean come on, really?   
I mean, am I the only one scratching my head on this?

Plus its not even out until 3.29.13 which is over a year away, so this seems awfully premature for a teaser doesn't it?  

Umm, well, in my opinion it's not done!  

They just need to stick it back in the oven, keep working on the whole thing, and don't taunt us with squat until they really have something worth teasing us!. 
Blak! :/

Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer Starring Robert Pattinson

Now this is a TEASER!

First sneak peek at Robert Pattinson in 
David Cronenberg's

Watch first then react! 

Well what did you all think of this?

I am thinking this is going to be very different for Rob and I love it!
Reminded me of American Psycho for some reason though... 

However, I kind of like the thought of naked angry Edward for some reason... 
I mean Rob...Tee hee =o)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 teaser trailer sneak peek

Are you ready?

Did you miss it?  
Well watch a few more times cause 
Bella's very fast!  tee hee
What did you think?  Wow right?! =o)

My thoughts were.... it went too fast!  No pun intended...
I know, I know it was only a quickie anyway, but still.  Who cares if we still 
have 240 days to go. Ugh... Oh and I did not expect Jacob to be 
so calm still about Bella, but other than that 

It was just enough to wet my whistle for sure. 
However, I can't wait until we get the full trailer this weekend when its unveiled 
right before we all see The Hunger Games movie.  Whoop whoop 
That's if you are going to see HG.. 

Oh, I hope we get to see Renesmee as well this weekend!!!  Eeeekkk  

Although, if you are not into the Hunger Games then you will have to wait until 3.26.12 when the 
trailer will be available for all to see then!  

Source 1

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Trailer #2

Wow, this second trailer had me itching for 6.1.12 to get here big time!  
Oh, why do they tease us so? 
I might have to go to the midnight showing of this one for sure!

Here is the first trailer as well, so you can watch them all together..

Just in case you have been under a rock somewhere and missed it..
Yeah right!  =o)

I love this behind the scene info too!  
 Wow, the evil queen is fantastic! Charlize Theron is PERFECT!

Frankenweenie - Official Trailer 2012

Awwwww, this movie looks really cute & interesting!  
I love Tim Burton's world.. 
However, I am a bit perplexed at the Tim and Disney combo.... ?  Not to mentioned the 
fact that the director to Alice in Wonderland has his hands in this one too..   But I guess 
Disney is branching out now aren't they?  

Anyhooo, looks charming and I am excited to see some new stuff from Tim B. 
Hope you are too!  =o)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Bella Swan" Sends her thanks to OTC!

We got a little card in the mail today from Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!  Yay!!!
Thanks Bella for thinking of Our Twilight Corner!  We love you!

However, given the fact that Bella also included some Wolf pack tattoo's in her card to us.... 
Welllll, I am a little suspicious that she is secretly still Team Jacob, and just wont let that wolf out 
of the bag to anyone on the record.. ha ha 

Oh if you are not sure who I am talking about then you must check out Inside Bella's Closet and Edward Look A Like because they are once again this years look-a-like cast members for the 2012 Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks!  

We love Team "Alanward" big time!!!  
NO, seriously we LOVE him!  He is one SPARKLY awesome dude!
Edward Look A Like is fangtastic!

PS- I am just a huge fan and don't work for any of the cast members or for the Stephenie Meyers Day team in Forks, but a girl can dream can't she?  *wink wink*. =o)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

I love this!  
Its a must watch!  

I know for myself this little saying has given me hope in times of need, and I love it even 
more knowing it was made to do just that for the folks who lived through some pretty 
tough and scary times back in the 1930's.  

It's always nice to hear that something we 
love now has a piece of history with it, and wasn't just something that
 was made up on facebook or Twitter... 
Can you imagine how the book store owner felt when she learned about her little poster?  
I mean what an awesome find since there were only 2 and half million made back then. 
Very cool!

Nowadays, they have a web site where you can make all kind of Keep Calm posters at. 

Check out this link to make yours... =o)
I would love to move to Forks, so this one gets my vote for sure! 

Although, when I found this little baby on the net I just about SPARKLED all over myself... 
Ha ha
I bet the British Government didn't see this one coming now did they?! 

Anywhoo, I do agree with the narrator of the video because for me it is the words on
the poster that I find most enchanting.  I mean who would have thought that 73 years later
you could be inspire, and get your mojoe going just by slapping some fun sayings on a color poster with the crown of King George the 6th above them?
It's kind of crazy I know, but it does help for whatever reason.

I am particularly fond of this one myself.  Because Keep Calm and Sparkle on is just a great way to say have fun and enjoy life.
Because lets face it life is too short to let anyone dull you down; EVER!

Always remember to Keep the SPARKLE alive!!!