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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Cullen House ~ Miller Tree Inn

If you have ever dreamed of going to Forks, Washington someday then the Cullen House is one place you should try to stay at.  I have been to Forks myself, LOVED IT, but was not able to stay at the Cullen House, Miller Tree Inn which is a B&B.  It was named the Cullen House by the Forks Chamber of Commence.  Esme Cullen leaves messages for visitors on a message board by the front door of the inn, and the mailbox bears the Cullen name.
We are going back for Stephenie Meyer Days this September, but unfortunately once again I will not be staying at the Cullen's House.   That's ok, someday I will get my chance. 
Savanna from Our Twilight Corner in front of the Cullen House 7.2010
However, their blog site is a hoot and they always tell great stories about whats going on with the Inn and with Forks.  I highly recommend you check them out.   =)

There was a couple of stories I thought were very cute on their blog site and I just had to share them with you all.  It's called "Backpacking Edward visits Miller Tree Inn and more Youtube videos". 
Please click here to read the little story about pocket Edward, and see the video.  I LOVE the little video diary for sure... Right up my alley.  =)

Enjoy life, and I hope you all hold on to your dreams and make it to Forks one day! 

Also, we have more photo's of our Forks trip from last year on our facebook page if you want to check them out...


Boxes? Presents? A Twilighters Dream Surprise....

On Monday I had two very large boxes show up at my door.  Exciting stuff!  PRESENTS!!!  I wonder who could have sent them to me and I wonder what could be in them???
Well I kind of did know I was getting something in the mail because last week my Twi-BFF told me she had shipped my birthday presents to me, but they were "just because" presents and nothing special.  HA! 
Yeah right, nothing special!
These boxes were huge and for the life of me I could not figure out, before opening them, what she could have possible sent me. However, trust me when I say, "she shouldn't have!" 
Unfortunately, I didn't think before opening the first box, and a few of those damn styrofoam packing peanuts were able to escape my grasp before I could see what was in box number 1.  I had to battle the static electricity space invaders which were sticking to everything, including our dog.  Who managed to not only have them stuck to his entire furry body, but who I had to chase around the house with one sticking out of his mouth because he thought it was a little marshmallow treat for his tiny, little pleasure. Ugh, can we say dogie ER if he had got that thing stuck in his throat!
Anyway, with the unhealthy pseudo dog treat pulled safely from our 8 pound wanna be wolf pup, I was able to go back to retrieving my presents from there nice and tight shipping cocoons they were so loving wrapped in.  However, I soon realized these were were no ordinary gifts.  The items I had received were from Lisa's dream.....Twilighters Dream to be precise!  =)

My Twi-BFF, Lisa!
Yes my Twi-BFF is Lisa who lives in Florida, and she sent me her Bella Birthday Cake and her New Moon Tulips which she hand made for her New Moon party in 2009.  I am pretty sure my mouth dropped when I saw them for two reasons. One, I cannot believe she parted with them to begin with and two, the cake is huge, but in a good way.  Its beautiful and the details are amazing.  Lisa knows how to throw a party when someone puts that much time, effort and detail into making a party cake you can't eat.   I feel very honored to have received these as gifts!  I am very touched because we started out as two complete strangers who were "Twi-texting Pals" first, and even though we have NEVER met each other we can completely call each other very good friends now, no great Twilight BFF's for sure!
A little piece of Twilighters Dream is now in Our Twilight Corner
You most defiantly should check out Lisa's blog because she has details on how to make your own Bella cake and New Moon tulips for a Twilight party or any party for that matter your friends and family will never forget! 
These gifts are fantastic and will look awesome in Our Twilight Corner for sure.  However, I think I am going to need a way bigger Corner because I don't think the cake will fit. :/  lol

That's ok I am working on an Our Twilight Room, but shhhh don't tell my honey.  I wish I could have showed you his face when he walked in and saw the Bella cake on the counter... Ha ha    It was priceless for sure.  Priceless I tell ya, priceless!

Lisa THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR MY GIFTS!!!  They were a complete surprise and I completely love them!!!  I cannot wait to meet you in person, so we can have our very own Epic Twilight adventure! =)

I have more photo's post in Our Twilight Corner facebook page if you want to see them.  =)

Geoff Thompson makes a plea to the President of the USA - Save The View Point Inn

When we visited The View Point on 7.19.2011 we noticed the owners had posted four very large letters on the side of the Inn.  I have finally been able to really read these letters and feel you all should as well.  I attempted to blow them up as best I could for you all to read. 

This first letter is a copy of a, "Thank you for your gift", letter that Geoff Thompson, owner of TVPI, received back from President Obama after Geoff sent him a 911 call for help letter.  Geoff did not send a gift to the Obama's, so ummmm, WTF I say as well with Geoff...
This next one is a letter from Geoff and Angelo.  Its kind of a history/thank you/ sorry letter.
History of The View Point Inn
This is a great read if you are wondering how and why the Inn is so important.  I think Geoff did a great job with what he had.  Like I said in my 7.19.2011 blog post, I am not going to point fingers when it comes to the loss of TVPI and about what the owners should have done, or could have done better or instead of. 
I love the Inn and I want it saved!
History letter continues

Geoff Thompson makes a plea to the President.
Geoff makes some powerful statements in his video message to the President,  and I kind of agree with him. If the banks can get a bail out why can't this small business owner?  Why couldn't he get a loan before his dream had to burn down?   If you read his letters above I think you can get a picture of why he went so broke fighting "big brother" so to speak trying to save his dream. 

I have also posted more photo's of The View Point on our Facebook page Our Twilight Corner if you would like to see them as well.
If you would like to, please visit USBank.com to find a branch near you in order to make a donation to save TVPI.  The account is under "Save The View Point Inn" or go on line to The View Point Inn and donate to their Pay Pal account.

Thank You!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Visit to The View Point Inn ~ After the Fire

The day after my Epic Twilight Birthday party my daughter and I took a somber, very wet, and dreary drive to see the damage the fire caused to The View Point Inn ourselves.  
If you didn't already know, recently TVPI tragically caught fire and burn beyond the current owners repair on 7.10.2011. 
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com
It deeply saddens me for a few reasons to see this once beautiful building in such a tragic state.  I wish I could buy the Inn myself to help keep its magic alive, but that's not gonna happen any time soon.
Our Twilight Corner 2010
I would like to say my heart truly does go out to all the brides and grooms who had planned to bind their love in marriage at this fantastic place.  I won’t and can’t get into how a feel about your loss because my opinion on this will not change nor matter one bit to any of you.  You are without a wedding location and a large deposit no matter what anyone says.
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com

What I personally do feel strongly about is the fact that the Inn should be saved if not by the current owners, but at least by someone!   I know the current owners have a pay pal account set up to take donations to help fix TVPI if you would like to do donate. 
Photo Source: Oregonlive.com
Just so you know, the owners have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy and its possible any donations MIGHT be sized by the courts.  I am not sure how I feel about any of this to tell you the truth.  I really want to continue to support, and donate to TVPI, but part of me feels like it might not go to the Inn directly.  However, part of me does not care where my money goes as long as the Inn eventually gets rebuilt.  I guess the real question is when and if it gets rebuilt?   I don’t want to judge and finger point because we all have had financial issues at some point in our lives.  No one is perfect!   
I don’t care what I have read on line or in any of the Facebook site about TVPI and its current owners either; it’s all hear-say to me.  I am going to believe the owners never meant for any of this to happen.  How or why would they?  I can only move on and live I guess in a fantasy land, as some would say, hoping someone, anyone will step in and make things right again.   So donate, or don’t.  Fundraise or not.   It truly is a personal choice to each of us who love TVPI and the magic it has offered us all in some form or another.

Here is a video of our visit to The View Point Inn plus some bounce photos. =)
I have also posted more photo's we took from out trip on our Facebook page Our Twilight Corner if you would like to see them. 

If you would like to, please visit US Bank to find a branch near you in order to make a donation to save TVPI.  The account is under "Save The View Point Inn" or go on line to The View Point Inn and donate to their Pay Pal account.

Thank You!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Big Twilight Birthday Bash!

Happy Birthday to me in deed!  I can't tell you enough how much fun I had!  First off I need to thank my fantastic daughter for all her big time help! She was amazingly helpful when it came to all the decorating, prep work and cleaning up!  Savanna, Thank you! You are my "Alice Cullen!" =)  
Anywhoo, I have not had a birthday party in years. For one I hate them for myself, and two well, I hate them for myself... Ha ha  However, I am very thankful to have one each year though, but this year was different.  This year I turned, uh, oh, ummmm "29" again so it was time to have a party.  And a party any Twigirl could and would be proud of. 
All I can say is it was fantastic!!!  I loved my theme I picked, like it was hard for me to chose one, and I love how my friends came out to party with me no matter what the theme was!  Thanks guys you all ROCK!
My cake was amazing as well and I hated to cut into it.. However, it was very, very yummy!Thanks Krystina @ SugarBakersLLC

Also, thanks to Lisa @Twilighters Dream for all her great party ideas!!!!  It was great too because we called Lisa in FL and Skyped for a while with her. It was ALMOST like she was there with us ready to get Twilight wasted!  =)

I may not do another birthday party again for many, many years, but that's ok... This was one party that has given me a life time of fun memories!  I wouldn't have changed a thing!
I have more pictures posted on my facebook page Our Twilight Corner!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Help Save The View Point Inn- Twilight's Prom Scene Destroyed in Fire

Fire may have claimed the life of this historical landmark, in Corbett, Oregon but not the spirit of the owner Geoff Thompson, who told CNN.com back in 2008 when a fire almost destroyed this beautiful building then, “It was almost gone so many times before through ruin and neglect.” He continued, “A little fire isn’t going to stop me. Unfortunately, this is a big fire.” Thompson then added that when it came to needing help to fix the Inn, “I can’t do it by myself.”

The View Point Inn is the location where Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s prom scene was filmed for Twilight - As Lisa puts it from Twilighters Dream, "As Twilighters we must stick together. That includes those special places that are a part of the Twilight family. We want to do what we can to help them."

I for one would love to see The View Point Inn rebuilt not only because its part of Twilight, but simple because it is a historical landmark located in Oregon's breathe takingly beautiful Columbia Gorge. 

If all of us donated just $1.00 each we could help raise enough money for the owners to rebuild The View Point Inn and save one of Oregon's incredible historical treasures for generations of Twilight Fans to come. A pay pal account for The View Point Inn is already in place or you can donate at any US Bank Location.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

View Point Inn Fire; Cause is still unknow

I am very, very sad at the thought of the View Point Inn burning down to the point of no repair.  This is where the famous prom scene from Twilight was filmed and it is one of the most beautiful places to view our fantastic Columbia Gorge from.   It is one of my favorite places to take all my Twilight fans and non-fans when showing off our amazing state.  I am still in shock!

KGW.COM News report on the View Point Inn

"Fire closes The View Point Inn Sunday around 12:15pm. The restaurant owner tried to extinguish the fire, but had to call in fire crews to the popular hotel and restaurant on E. Larch Mountain Road near Corbett. A second alarm was called after the first crews arrived and assessed the situation. A wedding party was escorted off the property when the fire broke out, according to the Multnomah

Sourse: KGW.COM

Two of the movie's fans, who came to see the hotel, noticed the fire and alerted staff members, who tried unsuccessfully to put the flames out with a garden hose.
Distant View of the Fire at the View Point Inn

The hotel, built in 1924, was heavily damaged.  Flames burned through the hotel's roof and gutted the top floor.
The hotel's owners filed for bankruptcy last month. 

This isn't the only fire this hotel has seen.  December 2008, fire damaged the kitchen, basement and a room on the second floor.   I really hope they can rebuild and keep this landmark going.  Reports state that 50 more weddings were to take place this summer. Wow. Very sad heart breaking for this fire to take place.

View Point Inn before the fire

The View Point Inn became a hot spot for all Twilighters when traveling on there first or twenty-first Twilgrimage to this sacred dancing ground.  Who can forget this breathe taking scene from Twilight when Bella was willing to giver up her life to be with Edward for all of eternity.  *Sigh*  I know I was holding my breath and hoping for more then a kiss from him.  Even though we all pretty much knew now the movie would end...
I wonder what will happen to the archway Edward helped Bella through when she needed to solidity her rite of passage by taking her to her senior prom?  I feel like driving up there and checking things out cause as crazy as this sounds I would love to own this piece of history. Even if I have to keep it safety tucked away in a Corner of my back yard!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Becoming Edward ~Contest~

I know I am a bit behind on this, however Twilight Blogs is having a contest to win a new book by British author Faye Meredith.  The book is titled Becoming Edward which is about Rachel who is hooked on Twilight and is in love with Edward Cullen. Clive is obsessed with Rachel but he’s no Edward. Lewis is in love with himself until he meets Rachel.  Both boys fail to win her until one of them has the bright idea of becoming Edward.

Unfortunately, I have been away from my PC this holiday weekend, searching for some Twilight, and was not able to post this info sooner.  Contest closes tonight, July 5th 2011 at midnight, so please enter SOON!  Like now! =)

Anyway, the rules of the contest are simple. You need to comment on Twilight Blogs web site and Facebook page under Becoming Edward Contest and tell Twilight Blogs how you’d feel if someone became Edward for you.  Twilight Blogs will chose a winner. 

I just thought it would be fun to give Twilight Blogs a shout out, a plug for the book, Becoming Edward, and post my comment here on my blog as well...  I am sure my comments are not very exciting, but after 20 plus years of being married I give up on hoping, wishing, or even praying to turn my man sparkly and thinking his Edwardism will come out anytime soon for me; in order to become his Spider Monkey.  =)  However, he works hard, is a great provider and one of my best friends I have ever had.  Oh trust me, I could choke him just about every week, but I can't change him and I wont change him.  I love him, and in my eyes he is, and always will be to some degree my Edward Cullen....  =}

Here is what I posted for Twilight Blogs Becoming Edward contest:

How would I feel if someone became Edward for me?:  Well first off I'd probably pass out, although I am already married, so its a little late for any man to change for me now.  Unfortunately, (not in a bad way), I did not marry my Edward Cullen but I wouldn't change him "much", nor would I want anyone to change for me in that sense of the way either.  I love my man for who he is, and even though I am sure this book, Becoming Edward, is fantastic because who doesn't love everything and anything about Twilight?! 
Nonetheless, I know the difference between reality and fantasy, and I don't always live with my head in the clouds 24/7; only part time.  Anyway, you are who you are, and I would hate for a man, to be fake, phony or bogus just to win a woman's love; us ladies get enough of that these days as it is.  Don't get me wrong I would be exceedingly flattered for sure if a guy wanted to TRY to become Edward Cullen, but still tremendously disappointed.  I love Edward and all he brings to the Twilight Saga;  he is one of a kind to say the least, so fat chance on changing that fellas...  
Although, it would be sooooo magnificent, amazing, and incredible if men would learn from Edward, Edwardism as I like to call it, and change first for themselves before changing for us women.  However, please, please, PLEASSSSSSSE all you men out there keep trying to SPARKLE for us women anytime you want too!  It would be a nice for a change ... Once that happens men will win women's hearts' all over the world....-- including mine.  =)  

Twilighters Dream: *Exclusive* First Look at Hallmark Eclipse Ornament...

If you need to have a little Twilight under your tree this year then please check out

"Twilighters Dream has your EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the ACTUAL ornament!

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