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Sunday, July 10, 2011

View Point Inn Fire; Cause is still unknow

I am very, very sad at the thought of the View Point Inn burning down to the point of no repair.  This is where the famous prom scene from Twilight was filmed and it is one of the most beautiful places to view our fantastic Columbia Gorge from.   It is one of my favorite places to take all my Twilight fans and non-fans when showing off our amazing state.  I am still in shock!

KGW.COM News report on the View Point Inn

"Fire closes The View Point Inn Sunday around 12:15pm. The restaurant owner tried to extinguish the fire, but had to call in fire crews to the popular hotel and restaurant on E. Larch Mountain Road near Corbett. A second alarm was called after the first crews arrived and assessed the situation. A wedding party was escorted off the property when the fire broke out, according to the Multnomah

Sourse: KGW.COM

Two of the movie's fans, who came to see the hotel, noticed the fire and alerted staff members, who tried unsuccessfully to put the flames out with a garden hose.
Distant View of the Fire at the View Point Inn

The hotel, built in 1924, was heavily damaged.  Flames burned through the hotel's roof and gutted the top floor.
The hotel's owners filed for bankruptcy last month. 

This isn't the only fire this hotel has seen.  December 2008, fire damaged the kitchen, basement and a room on the second floor.   I really hope they can rebuild and keep this landmark going.  Reports state that 50 more weddings were to take place this summer. Wow. Very sad heart breaking for this fire to take place.

View Point Inn before the fire

The View Point Inn became a hot spot for all Twilighters when traveling on there first or twenty-first Twilgrimage to this sacred dancing ground.  Who can forget this breathe taking scene from Twilight when Bella was willing to giver up her life to be with Edward for all of eternity.  *Sigh*  I know I was holding my breath and hoping for more then a kiss from him.  Even though we all pretty much knew now the movie would end...
I wonder what will happen to the archway Edward helped Bella through when she needed to solidity her rite of passage by taking her to her senior prom?  I feel like driving up there and checking things out cause as crazy as this sounds I would love to own this piece of history. Even if I have to keep it safety tucked away in a Corner of my back yard!

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  1. Your page is wonderful...has Geoff seen it???? you have done an awesome job....thankyou!!!
    Linda Gross ;o)
    "Save the Viewpoint Inn"