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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dior Homme Rob Full Ad = Heaven!

Oh my GAWD this is one HAWT ad!


I am sure by now you've all seen the photos, and seek peeks of the handsomely, beautiful Robert Pattinson in the up coming Dior Homme Ad.. 

Well wait no more! Its here, and to me it's the greatest Dior advertisement ever!!! 
Because it's working.  
I am sooo dragging my Hubby to the mall to get some! 

There are 4 different mini-sites, so maker sure you see them all: The film, Manifesto, Gallery, and the Fragrance.  Each one has a few mini-pages as well.  

This is one time where you should stop watching Twilight and watch this ad!! 

Personally if Rob kept doing these "short" films I'd die a happy woman!!

Lot's of new photo's in the gallery, along with making of the video as well.. 
At this point I don't care what this fragrances cost or smell like, I have to have some for my man or hell just for me too!! 

Source: Dior Homme- Thank you oooooo much Dior!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Twilight Forever 2014 Calendar

Look what Our Twilight Corner received  today from a WONDERFUL, and AMAZING TwiFriend!
I love it!!!
Thank you Darina!!!
As soon as you are able to buy this Twi-treasure do it! Its a MUST have for any Twifan!

The photos of this calendar are truly BEAUTIFUL! 
Back side
I love how they take us visually through some of the best scenes of all the Twilight movies each month.. 
I am actually having a hard time deciding if I want to open this or not.  I might have to keep it all 
SPARKLY clean, and buy another once it comes out this fall.. 
I just LOVE August!! 
Oh who am I kidding its all about Twilight so I love each, and every month!!! 
I am not sure where my TwiFriend got this one from, but if you would like to have one for your 
very own Twilight Corner, then check out Awesome ToyzThey are taking pre orders now.  
I might even have to pick up a few more for myself!  Eeeeeeeeeeeekkk, it really is 
SPARKLY awesome!! :D

Thanks again Darina for this awesome TwiGift.  For all your kindness, and for always #KeepingTheSparkleAlive 

It is truly touching! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

**Update** "Twilight Forever": Special edition of complete saga coming to Blu-ray in November -- EXCLUSIVE

**Update 8.23.2013**

You can now pre-order the complete Twilight Forever box set at Amazon.com or Walmart.com!
(Get ready I am not in a very SPARKLY mood about this though. Read on...)
That's right TwiPeeps, get your credit cards, debit cards and first, second and possibly your third born child ready to hand over to Summit Entertainment or Lions Gate or whoever...  

If you detect a hint of sarcasm you are correct. 
(Oh and my blog my rant by the way! #Justsayin)

So yeah here's the thing....
When I saw what Walmart wants for the Blu-Ray set, I just about fell out of my chair.  Almost spilled my glass of wine even, and let me tell you I do NOT like to waste my sparkly juice at all!

Anyhoooo, I know some of you would say, "Well no one is forcing you to buy a thing."  And I get that my SPARKLY friends, but here's the thing.  I am in love with the Twilight Saga!  Hook, line and sinker, and I always will be!  Twilight is my drug, sooooo its NOT easy to just say no to this SPARKLY, SHINY, and FANGTASTIC Twilight Treasure!  I am sure Summit knows all this as well.  I mean its not like us Twilighters keep our love for Twilight and Edward Cullen a secret! lol 

However that is the beauty of this country.  No, no one is forcing me to buy or do anything.  We can choose to buy what we want, when we want.  However, Summit or whoever can also choose to jack the price up even higher on us as well, (Gosh lets hope NOT). But they can simply because they know we are captivated, mesmerized and lets face it OBSESSED with The Twilight Saga.  Personally I like to say I am a very, VERY dedicated collector of SPARKLY treasurers, but whatever you get my point!  LOL 

All I am saying, is it would be so nice if "they" would thrown us a bone with this Saga, and not have us pay through our fangs on an item I am sure we all own and then some. (I am only talking about the movies here ok. Don't get me started on the other merchandise they've tossed our way over the years).  

Yes, I know there is going to be SOME extra footage we have not seen before, but that's really beside the point.  Is there going to a hundred bucks worth of extra material? Probably not! 

I mean $107.98 is a bit much dontcha think? Well I feel it is, and I bet I am not alone on this one to some degree. (However, it is cheaper then the Harry Potter collectors set, but lets NOT go there either allll right! I mean I saw a HP set at Costco for around $300.00! UGH!!) 

Anywhoo, with that being said I guess my point to this rant is...--well it is... Ummm urr, well I am not really sure of my point other then I just feel they have over priced this item, and I am tired of being milked of my cash, but whatever!  
Just use your buying powers wisely, and make sure you not only have enough Cullen cash on hand to purchase your Twilight treasures, but you check all your options out as well.  Just in case a better deal is out there to be had! 
Cause lets face it I bet Alice didn't see this one coming! :D

So far I have only found two sites taking pre-orders for the Blu-Ray set; 
Amazon: $52.49 with Free Shipping. (check the details on the free shipping)

Pre-order the DVD set for;
Amazon: $64.99 with free shipping. (again check the details b/c I find it odd that the Blu-Ray set is cheaper)
Happy TwiHunting Peeps!  :)

Original post below on 8.13.2013

Happy Anniversary to Bella and Edward indeed!! 



I thought we'd have to wait a thousand YEARS before we'd be able to sink our fangs into this collectors set, but nope,-- let the count down begin!!  

November 5th, 2013!! Yay!!!
I am so adding this to Our Twilight Corner! Whoop Whoop 
Twilight Forever: The Complete Sage debuts as a 10-disc Blu-ray set for the suggested retail price of $74.99, and a 12-disc DVD set for $64.98. Yay!!
This is just the best news ever! 
Happy Anniversary every Twilighter near and far!

  Time to get my SPARKLY on and watch Breaking Dawn Part 1!!  ;) 

"Just in time for Edward and Bella’s second wedding anniversary — that’s today, Aug. 13 — comes a new edition of The Twilight Saga.
Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga, a 10-disc Blu-ray set or a 12-disc DVD set, will be available on Nov. 5 — right before the fifth anniversary of the first Twilight — and includes two hours of never-before-seen bonus material, including new cast interviews, as well as all five movies.
The special-edition package will be a delight for both teams — one side features Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart), while the other showcases Jacob (Taylor Lautner) — and the discs come encased in aTwilight photo album.
Features also include a retrospective on both Edward’s and Jacob’s story throughout the series, and every extra ever made for the films. Check out a full list below:
o Cast Retrospective with New Interviews
o “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Character” – Previously unreleased behind-the-scenes moments with the cast
o Twilight FAN-omenon” featurette
o Twilight Forever: Edward’s Saga” and “Twilight Forever: Jacob’s Saga” – Highlights of Edward and Jacob’s stories in the epic story
• Twilight feature film and special features
o “The Adventure Begins: The Journey from Page to Screen” – a 7-Part Documentary (PIP available Blu-ray only)
o Extended and Deleted Scenes with Director’s Introduction
o Audio commentary with director Catherine Hardwicke and actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
o Music videos from Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park
o “The Comic-Con Phenomenon” featurette
o Cast interviews with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Cam Gigandet, Edi Gathegi and Rachelle Lefevre
o Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
o A Conversation with Stephenie Meyer
o “Becoming Edward” featurette
o “Becoming Bella” featurette
o “Music: The Heartbeat of Twilight” featurette
o Vampire Kiss Montage
o Bella’s Lullaby Remix
o Edward’s Piano Concert
• The Twilight Saga: New Moon feature film and special features
o 6-Part Documentary
o Audio commentary with director Chris Weitz and editor Peter Lambert
o Deleted and Extended Scenes
o “The Beat Goes On: The Music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon” featurette
o “Team Edward vs. Team Jacob: The Ultimate Love Triangle” featurette
o “Introducing the Wolf Pack” featurette
o “Becoming Jacob” featurette
o “Edward Goes to Italy” featurette
o “Jump To Edward” and “Jump To Jacob” features
o “Frame by Frame: Storyboards to Screen” featurette
o Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina and Mutemath
o Behind-the-scenes Rehearsal with Muse
o “Fandimonium” featurette
o Exclusive Webcast Event footage
o Premiere Red Carpet Footage with Cast Interviews
o Extended Cast Interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Chris Weitz, the Cullen Family, the Wolf Pack and the Volturi
• The Twilight Saga: Eclipse feature film and special features
o The Making Of (6-Part Documentary) (PIP available Blu-ray only)
o Audio commentary with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
o Audio commentary with Stephenie Meyer and Wyck Godfrey
o Deleted and Extended Scenes
o Music Videos from Muse and Metric
o “Jump To Edward” and “Jump To Jacob” features
o Photo Gallery
• The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Theatrical Version and Extended Version and special features
o Includes Theatrical and Extended Versions of the film and the extended version has 8 minutes of footage not seen in theaters
o “Love, Death, Birth: Filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” a 6-Part Documentary (PIP available Blu-ray only)
o “Jacob’s Destiny” featurette
o Bella and Edward’s Personal Wedding Video
o “Jump To Edward” and “Jump To Jacob” features
o Music Videos from Bruno Mars, Christina Perri, The Belle Brigade and Iron & Wine
o Audio commentary with director Bill Condon
• The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 feature film and special features
o “Forever: Filming Breaking Dawn – Part 2” – 7-Part Making Of documentary
o “Two Movies at Once” featurette
o Audio commentary with director Bill Condon
o Red carpet footage
o Music Video from Green Day
o “Tingles & Chills: Special Vampire Powers” featurette
o “Carlisle’s Contacts: The New Vampires” featurette
o “Judge, Jury & Executioner: Aro & the Volturi” featurette
o “Being Charlie Swan” featurette
o The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 at Comic Con
o Stars on the Black Carpet"

Source-Thanks Entertainment Weekly for the BIG Sparkly tip!!   #KeepinTheSparkleAlive

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Edward Cullen turns 112 today!

Don't forget to give a big SPARKLY Happy Birthday shout out to Edward Anthony Masen Cullen today!! 

He turns 112, but honestly he doesn't look a day over 17... 
Way to go Edward!! :)

Trust me Edward your birth is something we all love to celebrate and always will! 

Here's to another 112 years of #KeepinTheSparkleAlive! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rebuilding of The View Point Inn

Breaking News!!

They are rebuilding The View Point Inn!

If you are not familiar with The View Point Inn, it's famous for the Twilight Prom scene where Bella was ready to be changed by Edward!

Unfortunately, the Inn had a fire in its kitchen July, 2011, and has sat exposed to the elements ever since...
I'm sooooo happy this is taking place.

Love TVPI!
Can't wait to see it restored to its full SPARKLY glory!!
It will be completed, according to an article published Jan. 18th 2013, spring of 2014..  Yay!!!

It's a must see on any Twilighters tour list!

Photo Source: Friends of The View Point Inn via Jan Holley

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Cullen House

Yeah we dropped by The Cullen's place today for a bit... Had to see how the house looked now that Alice was done remolding it.  Only Carlisle and Esme were home, but we chatted with them for a bit about the remodel, Renesmee, and her mom and dad then hit the road. Didn't want to over stay our welcome ya know.  Ha ha ha 

If you have NEVER been to The Cullen House aka The Hoke House I HIGHLY recommend you put it on your top 100 things a Twilighter should do before they die list!  
It's AMAZING to see up close and personal. 

This gorgeous home is located at 3333 NW Quimby St., Portland, Oregon.  It is however, a PRIVATE RESIDENCE, so please be very respectful of their property and their neighbors property as well.  However, you can take as many photo's as your sparkly heart desires from the street, and trust me its worth it! 
Here's a pic of the house we took back in 2012 while it was still under construction. 

Here are the after pic's we took from today.  
As you can see the scaffolding is gone and so is a tree.. Given the fact that not much on the outside looks different I will assume most of Alice's handy work was done on the inside, but it's still simple breath taking.  What I wouldn't give to see the inside!!!

I can never get enough Twilight, and going to the filming locations is just one way to solidify the sparklyness of it all even more.  It really does help to fill the Bella and Edward size hole that is left in my heart knowing there are no more books or movies coming out any time soon or EVER for that matter. ( A girl can keep dreaming though right!)  

You really can feel the Cullen's presents as soon as you walk up the drive to view this very impressive home.  Every time I see it I am in awe of it's warm SPARKLY powers.. tee hee

Its defiantly a must see for any Twilighter!

Keep'in the SPARKLE alive!!! 

It's Official: Renesmee was born not bitten!

Another "New Born" was added to the long, and AMAZING list of cast members who come every year to help fill a huge Edward and Bella hole in our hearts, by playing characters from The Twilight Saga during Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks, Washington.  
Renesmee Cullen will be played by Samantha Baldwin for the 2013 SMD !!!  
So exciting!!

For those of you who might be in the dark, under Alec's evil gift, SMD is an annul event in which fans from all over the world come together not only to help celebrate Bella's birthday, but to meet new and old friends who share a common interest; TWILIGHT! 
She looks FANGTASTIC! 
Photo by: Samantha As Nessie 
Now you MUST check out the official  Stephenie Meyer Day facebook page to see the rest of this amazing cast and to stay connected to what's happening in Forks when it comes to all things related to 
Listed below is the entire cast of SMD fan pages for you to get to know them better and see some of the other activities they do as well!  ( sorry for the weird lines too.. lol )

Edward Look A Like

Jake Black as Jacob

Samantha As Nessie or Renesmee

Vee As Alice

Nick as Jasper - No FB page yet..

Dismaldreary Cosplay as Rosalie

And remember we are just Keep'in the SPARKLE alive!!! 

I am not affiliated with SMD or there cast. I am only a fan who likes to blog about things that SPARKLE!! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Eclipse LED Light has ARRIVED!

I loved my Twilight LED light soooooo much I had to get another one!

Whatcha all think?  
Now I just need to hunt down a New Moon, and a 
Breaking Dawn one as well. However, first I will need to find more wall space... ha ha ha 
Don't care though. Love how they look.  Now my hubby knows when I am in my TwiGirl Cave cause I turn them on before I go in.. 

SPARKLE on baby!  ;)

Want one of your own?  Here is the link: Happy TwiHunting!

Always Keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coolest Twilight Sign I have Ever Found!!

Holy Crow check out my new Twilight sign!!
This is going to look FANGTASTIC in my TwiGirl Cave!!
Now I want one for each movie, but I am soooo gonna need a bigger cave!!! 
Unfortunately, the seller does NOT have any more, but I bet if you messaged him/her they might hook ya up with somethings just as SPARKLY as this one!
I will keep y'all posted as to where I actually hang this at since my Twigirl Cave is filling up fast.  However, I JUST LOVE THIS! Eeeeeek!  
Oh even my hubby thought this was a very cool TwiFind which he always says I have too much, "Damn sparkly stuff" so this must be a TwiCool item for sure if he likes it.. ha ha ha ;)

Here is the link below in WHITE:
Happy TwiHunting SPARKLY Peeps!
Always Keep'in the SPARKLE alive!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013


I FINALLY found a site where you can pre order Breaking Dawn P2.... iTunes!


Click the link and check it out!!

Look even Kellan wants us to order.. ha ha Cute!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pre-Order Breaking Dawn Part 1: Extended Version NOW

If you want Breaking Dawn P1 extended version then clink this link right now: Amazon 
Personal I might wait a bit on this.  
However, I am Twicurious as to what if anything will be on the inside of the DVD case or the DVD's themselves, but that is not enough to make me buy this right now.  Simply because, as much as I love keep'in the SPARKLE alive, I am very disappointed that there will only be 8 minuets of deleted scenes WHICH  I am sure we will ALL be able to view on YouTube soon enough.. 
Soooooo, buying this one right now I am sure Alice can safely say will be a no for me, but I will cross my fingers for all this plus much more to be included on a box set in our near and very dear TwiFuture! ;)

Found the Breaking Dawn P2 Valentines Day Tin!

Look what I discovered while I was TwiHunting on Saturday!!
Looks great in Our Twilight Corner!  
I really want to open it, BUT not so sure about that right now.. 
Maybe if I find another one, then I'll sink my fangs into those tasty little TwiGummy Bears!  But for now I will just admire it in OTC... ;)
This SPARKLY creature was very allusive to find, but thanks to a tip from a TwiFan I tracked this SPARKLY baby down at a drug store named Rite Aide  
in Keizer, Oregon.. 
I am sure Wal-Mart will get them soon too, but it was not soon enough for me! lol 

Not sure if this helps anyone, but here is a photo of the UPC code as well...  That way if  any of you want to try to TwiHunt for it on line you can. 

Happy hunting and always keep the SPARKLE  alive! 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

March 2, 2013: Breaking Dawn P2 DVD Release date?

Ummm, I'm thinking its gonna be March 2, 2013 before Breaking Dawn P2's DVD debuts...
Why you ask?
Well because dontcha think we'd be pre-ordering it by now if it was gonna come out 2/16/13???

Check out this link, and the dates they are showing... www.dvdsreleasedates.com

And this link to Best Buy has 3/2/13 as well...www.Bestbuy.com
I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I have a strange feeling I'm not. :/

Watch Eclipse & Breaking Dawn Pt1 for free this weekend!

If you have Dish, Cable or WHATEVER that plays ShowTime then set you DVR's this weekend!!!

Cause you'll get to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Pt1 for FREE!!!
I get chills just thinking about The Twilight Saga don't you??
Look see it's true!

Sooooo enjoy and keep the SPARKLE alive!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Stills From Catching Fire!! **Spoiler Alert**

I am super excited to finally see some images from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and if you ask me November 21, 2013 can't come soon enough!

Well this looks like a sexy awkward scene now doesn't it? 
Oh Gale! Awwwww, be still my beating heart! lol 
Looks like they have really changed up the costuming in this next movie.  
Peeta is lookin might fine too!
So far I am loving the cast!
Philip Seymour Hoffman is always great!
Pres. Snow... Grrrrrrrrrrrr!  lol 
They better hurry up and finish these movies otherwise Prim will be taller then all of them.. No little duck any more if you ask me.. ;)

Source: 1

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sign Up to PreOrder The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part II!

Have you signed up yet???

If NOT click the links below, so you're not left out of the SPARKLY loop! 
February 16th is just around the "Corner' ya know... :)
Click here: 

Blu-ray.com states "February 16, 2013" as the release date for the Blu-ray/DVD of 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2.' Amazon.com has no date yet, only an option for notification.

DVD 3 Disc
- Disc 1
- Longer version of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ (7 mins bonus)
- ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′
- Disc 2
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Disc 3
- Vampires and their powers
- Vampires and their stories
- Aro and the Volturi
Blu-ray 2 Disc
- Longer version of ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ (7 mins bonus)
- ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Vampires and their powers
- Vampires and their stories
- Aro and the Volturi
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Commentary with Bill Condon
- Making of (60-90mins)
- Featurettes on Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 (5-7mins)
- Featurette on the music
- Picture in Picture Movie Mode


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do you have a special Twi Valentine?

Do you have a special Twi Valentine? 

Well now that the Holidays are over I can finally sit down and take a breather, I think...  I hope everyone had a FANGTASTIC and wonderful Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years!!  I know I was very blessed.. I received lots of TwiGifts this year, and I cannot wait to share them with you all.  

I feel bad though because I have not really blogged much in the last few months.. But I am 
hoping to fix that right now.. 
I have soooo many TwiFinds, and Twi-Treasures to share with you all.  I really don't know where to start.  Most of you though do such a fabulous job at finding your own Twigoodies that ya'll end up helping me out. 
I love it though.. 
Yay for TwiPeeps!!! 

However, one of my latest Twifinds coincides with V-day which I am supper excited for because now I can work on sending my TwiPeeps some Twilove!  lol  ;)
Yay, Breaking Dawn P2 Valentines Day Cards.. Whoop Whoop

However, I hate to say this, but this card below reads like a Trojan condom commercial . I know, I know, these cards are instead for school kids, but come on read this one, and tell me where your mind goes? HA!  
Maybe after all these years of watching HAWT and cold blooded men running around on the big screen half naked has finally taken its toll on my mind... Its officially in the gutter zone!  Ha, Ha, Ha! ;)

Found another great V-day card though too... 

This one is going in my collection of Twilight cards though.. Sorry, can't bring myself to mail this one.. 

Its very TwiCute though because there is a little quiz on the inside of the card. 

Then on the back after you take your quiz you'll find out who you are mostly like... Yay! 
So who do you feel you are more like?

Happy Twi-Hunting!


Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cullen Crest Necklace Set

I love this one!!! 

Show your Team Edward love when you wear the cool necklaces in this Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cullen Crest Necklace Set! The 2 necklaces in the set feature key and lock pendants. The Cullen Crest bangles necklace set is a must-have for fans of The Twilight Saga!

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Cullen Crest Necklace Set
I really want this necklace!  Very unique and who doesn't love the Cullen Crest anyway?!!
Click here to order yours today!

Source: 1