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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do What Makes You Happy - by Kitsune =)

This is a paper my daughter wrote and I just thought it was prefect for the corner. Enjoy!
For years I was told I had to be a doctor, forget about art, or dream more "realistic" dreams. I was never told to do what makes me happy. However, what people like my parents wanted was what I needed to do to make them happy, not myself. I finally said, "Stop!"  because I deserve to find happiness through whatever I plan to do with my life, and no one else will tell me different.
            “Doctors make more money, doctors get this, doctors get that.” I have heard this over and over throughout the years. Unfortunately for them, I want to be an art teacher. My parents tell me that teaching art will not get me far in life, regarding pecuniary matters. I know teachers do not get paid much, yet on the other hand, they do get paid more than a gas station attendant. Teachers receive their true satisfaction from the accomplishments of their students. If I am able to find a job that offers me that kind of pay, work will not be work. Work will be an enjoyable experience to look forward to in the morning when I hear my alarm go off, instead of mumbling complaints as I get ready for work, similar to what most mainstream employees do each morning.
            To me, art will always express the unknown feelings in my heart to the world through all kinds of mediums, from the performing arts of dance to more visual, creative arts such as calligraphy. Pursuing any kind of art can give a person the exciting feeling of the ability to create, and through those creations, the person can share the excitement with others. This inspired passion for art grows everyday in anybody from anywhere. The passion grows in the blissfulness of my heart, as well as in the hearts of others.
            Has anyone ever dreamed to become the president of the United States, walk on the moon, or even to simply travel the world? I know I have dreamt those kinds of dreams; nevertheless, I was told repeatedly that these dreams are silly, unlike realistic dreams, such as passing a math test, reading all of Nicholas Sparks' books, or even getting a part-time job. However, realistic dreams should be called silly dreams; because if one does not dream big, life will not be blissful. This is why I dream of traveling to Japan and learning to speak Japanese.
            Growing up, Japan has always fascinated me in ways I cannot explain. I get excited every time my parents take me to my favorite Asian market store near Portland, although I have a hard time reading the books or food labels because I do not know the language. With this dream I have in my heart, I know one day I will understand what they say. "Silly" or not, I will go to Japan because this is my dream.
            I have told myself I will believe in anything and everything I choose to do. Happiness is about what makes someone happy, even if happiness means becoming an art teacher, taking pleasure in various arts, or dreams "silly" dreams. No one, not my teachers, nor my peers, or even my own parents can tell me what I need to do to enjoy my life. As long as I know what makes me happy, nothing else matters. 


  1. Great paper Savanna!! I enjoyed reading it!! You should ALWAYS do what makes you happy! Life is just too short!

  2. I agree with you Lisa! She should be what she wants to be. All I can do is try to be there to help her through it all. =)