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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dior Homme Rob Full Ad = Heaven!

Oh my GAWD this is one HAWT ad!


I am sure by now you've all seen the photos, and seek peeks of the handsomely, beautiful Robert Pattinson in the up coming Dior Homme Ad.. 

Well wait no more! Its here, and to me it's the greatest Dior advertisement ever!!! 
Because it's working.  
I am sooo dragging my Hubby to the mall to get some! 

There are 4 different mini-sites, so maker sure you see them all: The film, Manifesto, Gallery, and the Fragrance.  Each one has a few mini-pages as well.  

This is one time where you should stop watching Twilight and watch this ad!! 

Personally if Rob kept doing these "short" films I'd die a happy woman!!

Lot's of new photo's in the gallery, along with making of the video as well.. 
At this point I don't care what this fragrances cost or smell like, I have to have some for my man or hell just for me too!! 

Source: Dior Homme- Thank you oooooo much Dior!