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Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Bella Swan" Sends her thanks to OTC!

We got a little card in the mail today from Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!  Yay!!!
Thanks Bella for thinking of Our Twilight Corner!  We love you!

However, given the fact that Bella also included some Wolf pack tattoo's in her card to us.... 
Welllll, I am a little suspicious that she is secretly still Team Jacob, and just wont let that wolf out 
of the bag to anyone on the record.. ha ha 

Oh if you are not sure who I am talking about then you must check out Inside Bella's Closet and Edward Look A Like because they are once again this years look-a-like cast members for the 2012 Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks!  

We love Team "Alanward" big time!!!  
NO, seriously we LOVE him!  He is one SPARKLY awesome dude!
Edward Look A Like is fangtastic!

PS- I am just a huge fan and don't work for any of the cast members or for the Stephenie Meyers Day team in Forks, but a girl can dream can't she?  *wink wink*. =o)

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