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Saturday, October 13, 2012

EPIC FAIL SUMMIT! You spelled Emmett's name wrong on the BD2 trading cards!

I was so excited to get my Breaking Dawn Pt 2 trading cards today that I didn't even notice they spelled Emmett's name WRONG!!!  This error was pointed out to me by a Twitter fan, Trivial_Matters, who asked me, "seriously?!Do they just not care now?"   

I have to agree with her BIG TIME!! I mean you got it right on the other cards I have such as BD1 & BD2 Comic Con.

What were you thinking Summit Entertainment
You have ONLY produced five Twilight Saga movies, distributed billions in Twilight merchandise, and according to Stephenie Meyers, and the rest of the Twilight fans of the world it's spelled, E M M E T T!

These kinds of mistakes are just heart breaking because it makes me feel like it is just all about the $$$$ when it comes to producing great books into movies.  
Where has the art of it gone? 
Why can't anyone pay attention to details any more?  
Especially, when it comes to something like this going out to millions of fans! 

EPIC FAIL SUMMIT is all I can say!!! :/

It's theses kinds of mistakes that make it even more important for us fans to always remember to keep the SPARKLE alive!!! =o) 


  1. I know in my country (Mexico) there 2 magazines that are 50% twilight info and yes they only care about the $ I always send thm via email their mistakes in names of the characters or info but they don't care but ths to actually see this mistake printed by SUMMIT it's a shame

    Love the cards :) and thanks for sharing

  2. OMG!! That's ridiculous!! Just think IF they re-release the cards with the spelling error corrected...which I doubt...yours will be worth more because they are special..LOL ;)

  3. Yeah Summitt or NECA won't change the cards. It's all about money and what's done is done. Poor Emmett though. Even in the credits of the movie Twilight his name got misspelled as well. No E at the end though. They just forgot a T. Ugh. Oh well I still love the cards. :0)

  4. on one of the cards, the spelled Reason wrong ( the card where bella is confronting jacob) they also spelled renesmee wrong on the back of one of the cards ( when renesmee is meeting the amazonian coven)