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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Gift from Leah Clearwater....

I received a gift today from a fan of Our Twilight Corner, and I had to share it with you all!
Its too cute and I love it!

But who doesn't like getting gifts?  

I know I do.. =o)  

Anyway, I received this glass jar today which has all the Twilight book cover designs hand painted on it from Julie Black.  However, just so you know Julie sin't just an OTC fan.  She is also the the page owner and
 author of  The Stores of Leah Clearwater.  

If you have not been to her pages you must check it out...  
You see Julie started writing about Leah Clearwater back in June 2010, but didn't do much with it unfortunately until her mother passed away on September 13th, 2010.  
Yes, Bella Swans birthday.  Tough one if you are also a Twilight fan and Julie most defiantly is.

However, Julie has not let her mothers passing bring her down.  
She has channeled her energy into Leah's story and has dedicated it to her mother who always 
encouraged her to follower her dreams.  
Writing is just one of Julies dreams.

I encourage you all to check her web site and facebook page. Its very cool. =o)

Thanks again Julie for the thoughtful gift.  It looks great in Our Twilight Corner.  
However, I think I might fill it with some La Push sand.  Seems fitting don't you agree?

Thanks again for Keepin the SPARKLE alive!  

Adding to Our Twilight Corner, again!

I know I have said this before.  However, I will say it again, and I am completely
sure it wont be the last time I say this but...

I am addicted to collecting things!

I think I am more addicted to collecting than I am shopping or Twilight.  Although,
can you really blame a girl when there's cute stuff out there, aaaand all that cute stuff
always seems to remind me of Twilight?. =o)


Anywhoooo, what I'm trying to say is I found another great Etsy site.
Amy305  and she is very cool!!!
I love her stuff!

Amy is a lovely stay at home mom of 2 kids, and a very proud Army wife.  I am also
military wife, and love to support other military wives in their ventures.
Especially when they venture into
handmade goods!  Yay!

Anyway, as soon as I received my Twilight treasures I had to share them with you all because these items might be small, but they are cute and very practical!
Basically, share worthy!

I bought this really cool "shade" protector in order to store my very cool "shades",
so I can use them to  protect my very sensitive, and really cool Vamp eyes from the sun's
harmful rays.
Too much?

Alrighty then.  Moving on...  =o)

Whats really funny, is even the word sunglasses is considered CRAZY talk in these parts because I live in the Pacific Northwest where we are almost always covered in a blanket of grey clouds, so its not
 like I see much sunshine anyway, right?  *Wink wink*

At any rate, I am notorious for throwing my reeeeeally cool shades in my
purse --unprotected, and scratching the living crap out of them.
Grrr, hate that don't you?  

Besides no matter where a person lives you always need one good pair of shades that will
hopefully last a whole summer if nothing else.  This was the summer I wanted to try
to keep a pair of my own in decent shape, so started hunting for a cover that was cute worthy.  However, my hunting trips in the beginning turned up nothing of my liking.  Until one day I happen to stubble upon Etsy and
discovered Amy305.  

(Oh, and when I say stubble-upon Etsy... I really mean, I leisurely scroll to my Etsy Iphone
App while trying  to hold down my couch as I drool over all the wonderfully sparkly items
they have for sale.)

Nontheless, not only did I find a really cute cover for my really cool shades, [giggle] ok I
will stop it, but I also got a really cute make-up purse to boot!
Look, look very cute right?   =o)

Although, what I didn't expect was Amy305 tossed in these cute little magnets which
I am sure I was suppose to share with others, but they didn't go any farther than my daughter.
Hope that's sharing Amy?.. ha ha 

Plus Amy305 also sent us a couple Edward necklaces, and --well those went as far as, ME!  

They are all very well made and I love them all!!! 
Thanks Amy and don't worry I will be back for more.  So keep making those 
Twilight Treasurers for us ok... =o)
Nice work lady!

Click on Amy305 to find her Etsy page or check her out on facebook too!

Thanks for Keepin the SPARKLE alive Amy!!! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pre Order The Hunger Games movie now!!!

Keep 8.18.2012 in mind if you are a die hard Tribute because that's the date the Hunger Games movie comes out!!! 
However, you can pre-order The Hunger Games movie now?  
Yes, you can!  =o)  

Itunes seems to be the cheapest so far.  
However, if you wish to own a hard copy in order to proudly display it in your very own Hunger Games Corner then check out  Amazon, Walmart or Target

Target's my favorite because its a 3-Disc Deluxe Edition which will include stories from the 
 Cornucopia, Tribute Video Diaries, photo album, and biographies.
Lot's of extra's and who doesn't like extra's?? 

However, if you order from Walmart.com you could win a chance to go to the L.A premiere!!! 
Very sweet! 
Plus some of there DVD's come with a Monkeyingjay pin to boot! 
Whoop whoop!!! =o)

So what are you waiting for?  Check it out!  
Yay!!! =o) 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

LOVED THIS BOOK!!! "My Life With The Movie Star"

I loved this book!!!

A few months ago I was given this book by one of Our Twilight Corner fans, 
and had put off reading it until I finished a few other books I was in the middle of.. 

I must say I am sorry I waited soooo darn stinkin long!!!

I loved it!  

It was a cute, light hearted love story, and a delight to read!

Thank you so much Meaghan Hoffmann for sharing it with me.  
I am sorry I did not read it sooner, although it was a great mothers day gift for me.  All I did today was sit on my back porch, drinking tea, and enjoy by escape from the world with your wonderful little book! 

I was totally sucked in by the story I could not put it down.  
I even have the sunburn on my back to prove it... lol 
The main character Abby is awesome!   
Love Gray's devilish cuteness you give him!  I could see it all in my minds eye for sure!!!
Lisa, Abby's BFF, is cute and I could totally picture me and my BFF who happens to be a Lisa as well, doing all this same stuff with each other... Well minus the Movie Star that is.. However, we would love it.  Even though our hubby's would not... ha ha  =o)

I love how Abby is soft, sweet and not the one who ends up with all the guys, 
however she has a different kind of endearing quality about her I just love!
Nice job Meaghan!

So if any of you out there would like an easy read with a few fun twists then pick this book up, 
or down load it on your Kindle.  

Plus I love how, Meaghan Hoffmann, the author is a Twilight fan too.  It kind of comes out 
in her book as well, but that's a really neat and funny thing.  I laughed out loud a lot, and 
I really appreciate it when a book can make me do that.  

There was even a time when I was really worried about 
Abby and Gray as well..... --phew, don't scare me like that Meaghan!  lol 

If you are a fan you will love the subtle hints of Twi... I know I did!!! *wink wink*
 However, if you are not don't let that stop you from reading this book at all.  
Meaghan did a great job, and I can't wait for the next book to come out.. 

So hurry up Meaghan by keepin the SPARKLE alive and give us more!  =o)

Click here to get your copy of: My Life With The Movie Star

Happy Mothers Day to ME!

Would you look at some of this cool stuff I found today while out shopping for my Florida trip, and of course Mothers day!

Found these babies at a local store in my town called Fred Meyers.. 
Yep, Meyers.. ha ha Love it!
Not sure if you can find them on line, but if you do like it you could try to search and see.. =o)

Everywhere I go I see things that remind me a little bit, ok maybe a lot, of Twilight, 
but I love it and there so useful these items I find!   How can you go wrong when they are useful?  Ok, so that's the line I tell my hubby, but who cares it works.. ha ha 

These file boxes, and magazine holders will come in handy for sure!!! Yay!

These were a great find as well.. 
On the left was a large lunch tote, but I already bought one last week that I love, so I resisted and didn't buy it.  Although, the item on the right are a couple of boxes you can put cards or rubber stamps in for storage.. Found them both at Bi-Mart!

Had to get this for my daughter. Dark Shadows make up kit.. 
How funny is that?

Now I have not seen the movie yet, but I have seen the trailers, so 
I was a bit concerned when I found make up they are promoting, 
but its all in good fun and actually the colors are pretty cool!  
Found this and the next pic of items at Ulta.. 
Love that store!

If you don't know what Ulta is its like a grown up girls Candy store for beauty products.  
If you have not gone to one you need too.. 
Lots of girly stuff.. 

Loved seeing Hunger Games, and Spider Man nail polish for sure.. 
How fun is this?  LOTS!

However, I ended my shopping day with hitting the jack pot!  

Yes, Fifty Shades of Gray is going with me to Florida!  
My TwiBFF Lisa from Twilighters Dream has finished them all, 
and can't stop talking about them, so now I am curious!  tee hee

I am not really sure if this is airplane material, but who cares and I can join the "Mile High Club" in my mind can't I?  ha ha 


Bella Swan's Bachelorette Party in Forks!

Big THANK YOU to Lisa from

She bought all of us here at OTC our Bella Swan bachelorette 
party tickets for when we all go to Forks this September for  Stephenie Meyer Day 2012!!! 

Savanna got hers as her birthday gift last Thursday.  Very sweet of you Lisa!  =o)

I got mine yesterday as my Mothers Day present!!! 
Whoop Whoop!!!
Best gift ever!!!

Only 4 more days, and I will be in Florida SPARKLING it up with Lisa!!!

Thanks again Lisa!  
You are just too much of an Alice to be a Bella, sooooo
 maybe we should call you Balice?  ha ha 

I can't wait to see you my friend!!! =o)

Happy SPARKLY 26th Birthday Robert Pattinson!


I think this is video AWESOMELY, cool and very touching to see all these fans show their love 
for the one and only RPattz!  

Very creative and great chose of music too! 

Are you in this video?  
If so leave a comment or two below.  =o)

I know I recognized a few facebook pages for sure! Yay! 
Good job all you sparkly TwiPeeps!

I hope Rob know how much he is loved and appreciated.  I am pretty sure he does though or he better know  right?!! ha ha 
I know all of us here at Our Twilight Corner wish Rob a wonderful Birthday, and we hope all his dreams come true this year and years to come. 

Thanks for keepin the SPARKLE alive Rob!!! =o)

Our Twilight Corner Love you too Rob!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

5 Days until I leave for Florida!

I started to pack yesterday for my trip to FL, so I can visit my TwiBFF Lisa, and I am getting no where fast!   

I wish I had an Edward who would pack for me!!!  

I just know I am going to over pack big time!!! UGH!!! 

HA HA HA!!!  

Wish me luck I can do this. 

Oh and keep watch on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook for my status updates of my Twiadventures... =o)

Twilight Girl Cave or Corner can't decide...

I was surfing Etsy.com the other day which is very DANGEROUS
 if you LOVE handmade items, and Twilight, and since
I love both very much,--weeelll you can guess why I said the word dangerous then right? 

Anyhooo, I found these really cute little Twibabies, and had to have them!
What are they you ask?
They are Twilight Saga Book Cover Coasters.
Very cute and unique I thought.

Before I received them, I thought about using them in my Twilight Girl Cave,
but I am not even sure if I could use them to set a glass of vintage wine on them more or less a can of pop!  They just might end up in Our Twilight Corner.  lol
They are just too cute for use, but will see... 

Oooor, I might just have to hang them up, or get some picture stands to rest them in, but use them as coasters...
Um, well not so much.. 

Anyway, if you would like to check them out for yourself here is the link to the 
site I bought them at.  =O)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding Twilight Treasures!

If you haven't figured it out by now I love TWILIGHT, and 
I LOOOOOVE finding things that remind me of Twilight as well!!!

I mean who doesn't? lol 

Just look at these AWESOME folders I found at Staples.com.  When I saw them I knew I had to have them for my TwiGirl Cave/office!  
They are just too stinkin cute!!!

Oh, and I could NOT pass up these pendents which I bought at a street fair, however I am sure you can get them on Ebay.   =O)

I just couldn't leave them behind though because first of all look at the name....Bella Boutique!  Yeah that's right, and secondly, --well just look at them! 
Need I say more? 
Although, I might have to give these to a certain TwiBFF I know though.. tee hee 
Shhhh, don't tell her ok... ha ha 

Oh, and I'm sure you can see why I bought this lunch bag?  
I love it!  
The coffee cup ROCKS!  
When I use it I always think of Edward making me breakfast in the am... 
Awwwwwww heaven! kee hee
Coffee and EGGS please Edward!  =o)
I mean isn't it the SPARKLY things in life that keep us going anyway?
However, at the rate I am going I'm pretty sure that if I keep this up my WHOLE house will 
one day be one BIG huge Twilight Corner!  ha ha 

I LOVE keeping the SPARKLE  alive don't you?

6 Days until Florida!!!

I started packing tonight for my trip to Florida to visit my TwiBFF Lisa!  
I am sooo stinkin excited!!!

Yay, is what I should be saying however, I just realized tonight
 I am pretty "challenged" when it comes to packing... 

I have not been on a plane since 2003, and I HATE packing!  UGH!!!!
I always over pack.  
I can't decide on outfits.  
Nothing ever seems to fit in there just the way it should.  
Oh, and what are the TSA rules, and regulations now about flying because 
gone are the days of pack and go!  

I am trying to study them, but I feel this is one test I may fail.  
Too many rules! 
I hate rules!  

I just want to have FUN!!!

You see this trip is my Mothers day gift to ME, and I just want to fly to Florida visit my friend, meet some new ones and see the sights. 
However, its really hard to just pack a bag, and get on a plane these days which stinks!

Although, I sure as heck wouldn't want Lisa to bail me out of airport jail because I took too many cans of SPARKLE spray, a suspicious looking "doll" on board, aka Pocket Edward, and a 12 ounce bottle of shampoo! 
OME, ridiculous to some degree if you me.  

Yes, PE is coming with me to FL!  kekeke  Look he is helping me pack too!  Awww, how sweet!
Just let me say this, I am not pist at TSA or the airlines.  
I am ticked at the dorks who try to put bombs in there freaking underwear!!!
UGH, grow up people!  

Oh sorry, sorry, focus Lynn focus..... 

Oh, and of course to top off my packing issues my daughter is trying to make me 
feel guilty about leaving her behind as well!  ;/

As if Mom's don't have enough guilt on them... I am sure we all have our own list of shoulda, coulda, woulda's.  I know I did my fair share of not putting enough sunscreen on the kids when they were three years old, and we spent 9 hours at the beach on a really HOT summers day. 
Hey, I paid for it to that night when we all stayed up crying and rubbing Aloe on 
their little red backs.   It was not a highlight of my mothering days, but they survived, 
and now its mommies turn to have some SPARKLY fun!

Anyhooo, GUILT!  Yes, she is trying very hard to make me feel guilty... 
I wondered why the suitcase was soooo heavy when I tried to 
move it to the bedroom tonight! UGH! 
Get out girl!  ha ha ha 

Actually, I really wish all my Corner girls could go with me to FL, so we could all visit Lisa, but Savanna has college, and Olivia has to work... :(  

Anyway,  I better get my butt in gear cause from the looks of things I am not get any where fast and my bed, my room, and my suitcase are still a MESS!
Keep the SPARKLE alive!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

SWATH for Halloween?

Do you love Halloween?  

Or just dressing up?

Well check this out!!

Now you can buy SWATH costumes.  


I don't know about you all, but I'm super excited for the movie to come out, and I believe its gonna be, FANTASTIC, but I did not expect to see costumes out already.
Hey, I am not complaining.. 

Look whose shown in one of the ads too?  
Yep, that's KStew in her very own butt kickin, bad a$$ girl armor! 
Ha ha , love this!!!  

Personally, I love Snow Whites shield! 
So check out Halloween Costumes 4U to get your very own SWATH costume for 
Halloween or for every day wear... Its all good!  

Remember:  Always keep the SPARKLE alive!