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Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Days until we IMPRINT on Forks, Washington!

It's getting closer and closer!

We can't wait!!!
50 days until we IMPRINT on Forks and get our SPARKLE on baby!!! 
I am not sure if Our Twilight Corner is anywhere near ready really; and we are
 not even doing anything in Forks except for showing up to visit, party, 
and have some SPARKLY FUN!!!

If you are not going to SMD's you should!  

If you have never been to SMD's you need too!

Forks is a place where no matter what time of year it is true Twilighters are always welcome, 
and never judged.  However, during SMD's it's a place where you can let your fangs 
hang out, and really get your SPARKLE on!  

Everyone and I do mean everyone who lives, works and breaths in Forks always makes you 
feel like you are part of the family no matter what.  From the cast members who really take
 the time to dress up like the Twilight charters, to all the residents, volunteers, and 
contributors of the town of Forks.  

It seems like everyone helps to make this event more exciting, thrilling and exhilarating every 
year for all its Twilight fans, and because of all that hard work and dedication this 
event is always fangtastic and never boring!  

If you don't know what SMD is then check out this link: Stephenie Meyer Day

And remember to always keep the SPARKLE alive!


  1. I just went to Forks 2 weeks ago........ really want to go for SMD.......most amazing place I have ever been

    1. Sally that is Fangtastic!!!!!!!!!!!! I fell in love with it too when I went a few years back! SMD's just makes it even more amazing so if you can go go!!! Hope to see you there!!! Yay!!! ;)

  2. just booked my airplane tix to Forks for SMD!! This will be my first ever trip there and I am beyond excited!!! The hubster is coming along so I hope he doesn't get too overwhelmed by all the Twilight fans that will be there LOL I booked my room like almost a year ago believing it would all work out and we could make this trip a reality. I also made reservations at Bella Italia. EEEE! :) I wonder if my husband would object if I made him wear a peacoat .....hmmm hahaha!!

  3. Angie that is super AWESOME you are going to SMD!!! Husband are suppose to show support, drive the rental and just stand there and SPARKLE for us anyway!!!!
    I know you will have fun! Go with an open mind and a sparkly heart and nothing will bring you down.. We hope to see you at SMD for sure!!! =o) Yay!!!!