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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Words of Encouragement to our Twi-Nation...

I found this quote in a bunch of old letters I had received from a good friend of mine, and thought in light of all the “Twilight hysteria” that has been going on all over the world for the past few days, I would post it for anyone and everyone to read.  It felt very fitting in light of all the moods, feelings and mind-sets that our Twi-Nation has been going through lately. 

However, just so you know my thought on 
all the “Twilight hysteria” is this:
I love Twilight for what it has brought me. I love Twilight for what it has given me.  
I believe I will always be grateful and thankful to Twilight for the rest of my life no matter 
whom or what happens in “Hollywood!”
Read into it what you will. 
Words of Encouragement 
Remember to always, always keep the SPARKLE alive and never ever let anyone  dull that SPARKLE!!! 

Source of poem/quote: Not sure of the Author of poem. I only took photo its printed on... =o)

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