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Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Official: Renesmee was born not bitten!

Another "New Born" was added to the long, and AMAZING list of cast members who come every year to help fill a huge Edward and Bella hole in our hearts, by playing characters from The Twilight Saga during Stephenie Meyer Days in Forks, Washington.  
Renesmee Cullen will be played by Samantha Baldwin for the 2013 SMD !!!  
So exciting!!

For those of you who might be in the dark, under Alec's evil gift, SMD is an annul event in which fans from all over the world come together not only to help celebrate Bella's birthday, but to meet new and old friends who share a common interest; TWILIGHT! 
She looks FANGTASTIC! 
Photo by: Samantha As Nessie 
Now you MUST check out the official  Stephenie Meyer Day facebook page to see the rest of this amazing cast and to stay connected to what's happening in Forks when it comes to all things related to 
Listed below is the entire cast of SMD fan pages for you to get to know them better and see some of the other activities they do as well!  ( sorry for the weird lines too.. lol )

Edward Look A Like

Jake Black as Jacob

Samantha As Nessie or Renesmee

Vee As Alice

Nick as Jasper - No FB page yet..

Dismaldreary Cosplay as Rosalie

And remember we are just Keep'in the SPARKLE alive!!! 

I am not affiliated with SMD or there cast. I am only a fan who likes to blog about things that SPARKLE!! 

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