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Monday, August 22, 2011

Breaking Dawn Calendars are in! Well at least my neck of the woods...

Soooooooooo we found a bunch of Breaking Dawn 1 calendars the other day as my daughter and I were school shopping...   They were hidden, interestedly enough, behind some "puppy" dog calendars which I found pretty fitting and funny to some degree. 
As I was digging a few of the calendars out to bask in my wonderful discovery, I stopped to ponder if it was a "hater" or a "lover" who hid those calendars?  I mean a hater would put another item over anything Twilightish because the thought of this item staring them in the face makes them, well sick, I hate to say.   
However, a "puppy" dog calendars in front of the BD1 calendar could have been a Twicode to another Twilighter who might also be in search of these elusive calendars?  Personally, I am going with secret code because it tickles me to death to know we Twi-fans would be the ones to use a "puppy dog" calendar to tip another Twilighter off in order to help a teammate find their Twi treasure.  =0) 

Oh so anyhoo, I would love to be able to say that after I picked up the Breaking Dawn 1 calendar I could happily report it is a beautiful and spectacular item to see up close and personal.  However, sadly I am still not impressed with what Summit Entertainment is pumping out for us fans to buy.  I know I know, but I can't hide my feelings on this one.  I am not loving the Breaking Dawn 1 collector items I have seen so far at all. There just not calling my name for some reason.  ;/
 With that said, its not like Summit doesn't have me hooked, so what do they care if I don't particularly like these items very much?  At least BD1 items that is... I mean its not like I won't buy any of there goods and they know it; so of course Summit will be able to sit back, laugh, and count there green backs.  BUT, and I do mean BUT, I am still highly disappointed that they approved and are now going to start pumping these items out to us fans by the hundreds...
To be honest I was really, really, really hoping that after I got to hold, touch and feel this BD1 calendar I would fall madly in love with it and scream to the Twi-world its AMAZING, but sorry I still can't.  I guess I am very torn up over Dr. Cullen.  They took him from HOT to TOOL in just a few short years... Come on who loves Dr. Cullen's BD1 look? Really?  Ugh.. NOT! 

Although, I am a very, big fan and I am not giving up hope yet that things wont perk up and there will be a sparkly silver lining the closer 11.18.11 gets to us for any and all collector items... =0)   Right?   Right!

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