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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do you Group?

Do you LOOOOVE Social Networking?

Do you LOOOOVE joining a group that gives you a sense of belonging and community? 
Well sure, who doesn't!?

Buuuuut sometimes it's soo hard to manage all those groups, and interact with them all in a way that makes you HAPPEE! Trust me I know... Boy howdy do I know.
I love joining in and having a scene of belonging. It's what we all do. We all love to belong, and feel like we are a part of something, something cool, and amazing..  However, spreading yourself too thin can also make you feel overwhelmed, out of control, and too scattered.

I like to say it makes me very unfocus-ly, unproductive.

Well then, do I have an awesome app suggestion for you!! (My TwiBFF, Lisa over at
  Twilighters Dream, told me about it and I just had to share.) She is the best-est!

Anywhoo, its called Groups by fb.
Check it out. I know it made me very HAPPEE, and I bet it will help you stay organized and very HAPPEE too. 

Oh and if you don't mind be a doll love, and after you down load this amazing app which will help keep all your wonderful fb group pages organized, and in one nice, tight cute little spot...  

Make sure you check out my new AMAZING-BALLS fb page too.. 

So what makes your Inner Sparkler burn? What makes you HAPPEE? This little app did it for me. What about you?

Oh please be kind and leave me a comment about this blog as well in my comments section below.. 
I'd love to hear from you!

Because you all ROCK!! :)

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