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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Found the Cullen Coven at Jamba Juice!

Have you heard about Jamba Juice's new  Berry Bitten Smoothie yet, and what they are giving away when you buy one? Weeeeeeeeeellllllll....... 
According to my fabulous daughter it's very yummy cause look what she got for me today!!! 
They even have gift cards of Breaking Dawn part 2 as well!!  I am never getting rid of this gift card that's for sure!!!
Super stoked now to go back and collect the rest! Love finding Twi-Treasure! =0)
Anyway,  had to share this very cool TwiFind with you all in case you have a Jamba Juice near you too!! You might need to check them out just in case! 
Plus, I think this special promotion is going on for a while longer, so good luck, have fun and  Happy TwiHunting!!

Always keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

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