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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Very Cool Vampire Diaries Find!

Soooooo, I'm kind of a sucker for The Vampire Diaries as well as Twilight, 
and did a little EBay shopping the other day.....(Shocker there! NOT..)

Anyhoooo, I LOVE ELENA'S NECKLACE! And it came just in time too!  
Cause tonight is the season premiere of TVD's, and I am super excited to 
find out if Elena turns into a Vampire or not!  Aren't you?!! 

So the necklace is very vintage looking even though its not.  However, that does not 
change my mind about it at all. I really like it and how it looks on too! Although, I 
was not very impressed with the chain it came with, so I did change that out, 
but other than that I LOVE it! 
What's really cool though is there's even a spot for vervain.. I know right!  lol 
However, I wont be using it! I wouldn't want to ward off Vampires, ever!... Ha ha Hecka NO!  
Damon could bit me any day! 
(Sorry Edward, but if you wont do it I will just have to find another HOT Vamp who will!)  Hah hah hah
Kidding! My heart still belongs to Edward, but a girls gotta keep dreaming right?! 

Anyway, if you love TVD's too then you might love this necklace as well!  =o)

Remember: Keep the SPARKLE alive!!! 

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