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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Barrel Cacti in Our Twilight Corner!

Look what I have added to OTC!  

I know summer is almost over in the Pacific Northwest, ok its over, but they were just too cute to pass up.
I had to have them!
You do know why R I G H T?  ;)
Actually, I got one from a customer of mine who knows I love Twilight, and the other two I had to buy as soon as I saw them cause they're cute!  

Plus, cacti are probably the only things I WONT kill off these days.  Since I seem to have a hard time keeping any house plants alive any more.. UGH!  Thank goodness the kids are still breathing, and don't require much attention; or plant food for that matter... LOL 
I do have to say though, I need to watch myself around them cause they may not give me "paper cuts" per say, but they still have a bit of a "bite" to them, and can still make you bleed just as bad... 
 Jasper noooooo, --Hah hah hah...   {Wink wink}  =o)

Anyhoo, they may not be soft, supple or that attractive, but they reminded me of Twilight which is very beautiful so they're PERFECT!  And that's the most important thing right?  

ALWAYS important to keep the SPARKLE alive!!

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