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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Twilight Christmas Tree

We finally got our Twilight Christmas tree up and sparkling this year!  
It was soo much fun to do this type of tree with my daughter, and to finally be able to show off our love for Twilight in this perfectly sparkly way.  
Our TwiTree was a bit naked at first, but the spark hit us fast and soon we had it all decorated and ready to shine!
Pocket Edward is a perfect tee topper for any Twilight Christmas Tree too.  I mean duh, it's Edward.   lol  =0)
We plan on adding to our Twitree as we find more ornaments that give us that Sparkly Twilight feeling, but for now its wonderful! 
We even put feathers inside this heart shaped ornament to remind us of, well you know what feathers remind us all of now?... ha ha   =0)
These two ornaments below are my favorite though...  
The Forks sign with Bella's truck above, and the one from La Push showing the dream catcher and Jacob's motorcycle below because we purchased them this last September when we went to Forks for Stephenie Meyer Days 2011 with my TwiBFF Lisa.  Lisa runs Twilighters Dream page and she flew all the way up here from Florida!  
These two ornaments remind me of memories that will last me a life time or at least until we go back for Stephenie Meyer Days 2012 next year!  =0)


  1. I love your Twi-Tree!! It's super cute! HAHA I think it's GREAT that Edward is on top. The apples are super cute!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the heart feather ornaments. I want to add them to my Isle Esme Christmas Palm. Where did you find those?

  2. I made the feather ornaments from Michael's and the "pillow" we had in Forks from Olivia's costume.. Tee hee, Remember Breaking Dawn Bella? ha ha That pillow is very handy thats for sure.. =0)