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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Top of the Boulders in Twilight

Remember this scene in Twilight? 
DUH, who doesn't?!  

Well behind all these boulders that you see in Twilight is a huge rock wall which is a 
very popular spot not only for us Twilighters, but to a huge group of outdoor enthusiast called climbers.   Personally I call these people, Monkey men...  
Well anyway, today a friend of mine, a Monkey man for sure, sent me a photo from the top of this 80 foot high wall that is part of the back drop to the movie Twilight, and I had to share it with you all. 

If you didn't know the boulders are where they filmed Twilight's Lion and lamb scene which is  located behind the Stone Cliff Inn Restaurant: 17900 S. Clackamas River Drive. Oregon City, Or 97045

Its an amazing site to hike, climb and soak up some sparkle Twi-goodness in general. 
 (However, I do NOT suggest you go there and climb unless you are skilled in this sport! I will not be held responsible for your injury or death if you do go, and don't know what you are doing!)
Anyhoo, this is about as close as we have gotten to the rock wall while on one of  many Twilight tours we have taken.

I am sure you recognize this spot though don't you??? 
 "Lion fell in love with the lamb"... Yay! 
Although, I am sure my daughter and her friend wished for Edward Cullen 
would show up, and not me with my camera!  lol 
Does this tree look familiar too?  Yeppers, that's Edwards tree! =o)

Anyway, here is an example of the skills you should posses if you are going to climb this wall by the way... 
Check out this video Jess Firestone who scales this boulder like a true Cullen would.  
Wow, this guy is a true Monkey man wouldn't ya say?!!  
However, just so you know Jess and I do not know each other, and I am sure he is not a 
HUGE Twilight fan, but what we do have in common is we both love the Carver Boulders.  

Anyhoo, my "Monkey Man" friend went to the Carver Boulders today and texted me a few of his photos because he knows I am a HUGE fan of Twilight and knows this spot is one of my favorites when I go on a little Twilight adventure. =o)

 Now mind you this photo is a little blurry because well  --he is dangling off the side of a 80 foot cliff, so need I say more?!!  
However, if you ever get a chance to take a Twilight filming location tour this is a MUST see!!!   Although, if you are like me, a NONE climber, you will never experience the view from the top in a climber way.  

 However my friend, who will remain nameless, sent me this awesome photo from the top of the cliff, and all I could do when I saw it was picture Edward and Bella in the tree tops in Twilight.   What do you think?  Can you see Edward dragging Bella up out of the cloud banks and see this view too?  =o)

Isn't this breathtaking?  
I Love it and will never tire of seeing Twilight in all things beautiful!  =o) 

Thanks "Monkey Man" for 
keepin the SPARKLE alive! 

For more info about the Carver Boulders here are some fun links:


  1. Wow!! That view is amazing!! Love the boulders! Can wait to go back but yes we will leave the rock climbing to the monkey men! :)

  2. Yeah rock climbing for us? No not really... But we must get closer to the wall and check it out more this time... =o) See you soon Lisa!!!