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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big Thanks to some of our TwiSisters!

We can't believe some of the wonderful gifts we received this Christmas.  I have to say we are truly blessed, and very thankful in more ways than one.... Some of the best gifts we received were from our TwiSister pages, who about a month ago decided to do a gift exchange for Christmas.  It could be handmade, store bought and Twi-related or not.  It didn't matter as long as it was sent with love.  Let me shout out a very BIG THANKS to all of you who sent us gifts!  We had a blast opening them on Christmas morning!  =0) 
 Jamie who created The TwiHard Diet page had Savanna from Our Twilight Corner, and she LOVES, just LOVES, all her gifts!  Thank you Jamie.  You are too creative for words!  Jamie did an awesome job making her a "I run with Wolves" picture, and a beautiful handmade ornament with Savanna's name on it.  Jamie Thank you so much it was completely over the top!!!  =0) 
Victoria who created Team Kellmett had me for our gift exchange.  Haaaay, I am Lynn creator of Our Twilight Corner, and she nailed it spot on for me!  Victoria sent me a Breaking Dawn part 1 cup, bookmaker from the Dallas Twilight convention she went to, and one of her handmade apples with my name on it!  Whoop whoop, LOVE IT!!!  
Thank you soooooooooooo much Victoria!!!!  We were jumping up and down, like little kids, big time over the thoughtfulness you all put into our gifts!  Thanks again!   Its all going in Our Twilight Corner for sure.  We my gifts are.  I am not sure where Savanna put hers, but she wont let me touch them.. lol  
One the best surprise we received was from Lisa my TWI-BFF who created Twilighters Dream page.  She sent Savanna, and I some AWESOME booty slippers, and can I just say our feet have never been more "Toasty Warm" in all our lives!  
I say it was a surprise because Lisa has spoiled us throughout the year as it is, by sending us gifts from out of the blue, so we never expected to receive a thing.  Finding her and enjoying her friendship, her TwiFriendship, is enough for us.  
Its been FANTASTIC finding all our TwiFriends!  Such a heart warming and defiantly an interesting, exciting and unexpected experience that no words could ever express how we feel about them all.

Thank you ladies for your friendship you have made our Christmas very special!  

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