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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cheryls Creative Blocks on Etsy

I recently found this great little Twilight light on Etsy, and not only had to get one for myself, but had to send my TWI-BFF one for Christmas as well!  I thinks she loved it, but you might want to check her page, Twilighters Dream to see.  =o)
They are very cute and affordable and I have to say thanks to CherylsCreativeBlocks on Etsy  because she not only mailed it to my TWI-BFF, but she gift wrapped it for me too.  She was very nice to work with even though she was in Florida, and I was in Oregon she helped me out with all my questions and wrapping needs.  Please check out her page if you would like one for yourself as well!  =0)   They are FABULOUS! 
This is the one I sent my TWI-BFF, Lisa!!! =0) 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these awesome blocks with ev1. I love both of the ones you have pictured. Lucky Lisa :)She is a wonderful person!