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Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Awesome Twilight Christmas Treasures

I hope everyone had a amazingly, wonderful, and healthy Christmas this year!  I feel very blessed everyday, not just on Christmas, to have my health, what it may be, and my family with me as well.  However, any day you get presents from the ones you love is always extra special for sure.  I love random acts of Twilight, and I scored big time this year, and just wanted to share them with you all. 
Oh, and speaking of score look what my honey got me.  The Breaking Dawn Score, and it's lovely!  I listened to it, and can totally picture the whole movie in my minds Twi-Eye.  =0)  Yes, get it if you are wondering.  I highly recommend it. 
This photo I am holding is my very favorite TwiChristmas gift for sure.  Savanna, my wonderful daughter, got me film cells from the movie Twilight.  LOVE IT!
It's hard to see, but I have the one where Bella is sitting on her bed, and Edward came in and wanted to "try something",Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, I know.. Best part of the movie... I also got the kitchen scene where Edward was introducing Bella to his family.  EEEEEKKK, again!  I can't wait to frame this, and hang it in my soon to be Twilight Room!  =0)
Oh, and this is fantastic too.  I finally have a Twilight cell phone cover as well.. Thanks to Ebay I am finding Twilight items left and right.  Gonna go broke doing it,but finding very cool Twi-stuff.  My town is Twi-dry of Twilight treasure, so I need Ebay, Amazon and Grieg's List.. ha ha
This was probably one of the most creative, and amazing gift I received this Christmas from my hubby thus far.  Not only did my hubby of 20 years this Christmas Eve get me an Ipad 2, but he put this skin on the back of it that he had custom made.  I know pretty stinkin amazing isn't it?  I give him huge kudos's for doing this because he is pretty much a Team Alice kind of man, but for the most part he is pretty anit-Twilight overall.  He rolls his eyes every chance he gets when the subject of Twilight comes up, so for him to go this far was pretty fabulous!  I love it. =0)
This baseball was in my stocking, and filled with gum, but yeppers, it made it's way in to Our Twilight Corner!  How could it not.  I mean what do you think of when you see a baseball, hear thunder or catch a glance of a game?
I'm not sure if there isn't a moment of the day that goes by where Twilight doesn't pop in, and giving me a lovely Twi-thought; if only for a second or two.  Although, that's all I need to lift my spirits, and refresh my thinking.  *Sigh* Twilight.... What a perfect way to end a awesome Christmas with my family.  

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